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Help me come up with balanced meal ideas for my fussy 6-year-old!

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Schoolschooly Sun 09-Aug-20 19:48:49

My DC has become very fussy (that old story!) but I’m starting to be concerned he isn’t getting a balanced diet.

He doesn’t like meat or fish (and I’m vegetarian so I don’t tend to cook it anyway), so the protein he DOES like is things like hummus and nut butters. He won’t eat eggs but will eat yoghurt. He loves bread. Peanut butter on bread, marmite on bread.

I’m worried he eats far too much bread and not enough of anything else! I wouldn’t worry about his bread intake if he ate other stuff.

He’ll eat pretty much any pasta dish, but any bits of sauce he leaves.

He does like curry, but mostly eats the rice and yoghurt on the side.

I’m struggling to think of balanced meal ideas for him!

Any help? Any good kid-friendly, healthy balanced meal ideas that a fussy eater would like?! I love cooking, so I don’t mind being adventurous.

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Ricekrispie22 Sun 09-Aug-20 20:37:15

Will he eat cheese? Falafel?
What about meat replacements like Quorn?
How about building on his love of bread and using it as a way to get other things into him. Like veggie sausages in hot dogs, bean/Quorn burgers in buns, French toast, falafel in pitta bread, bread and butter pudding
Would he eat jacket potatoes? Pizza?
Cheese pancakes
Macaroni cheese with hidden veg

Schoolschooly Sun 09-Aug-20 21:25:32

Ooh that mac and hidden veg cheese is a great one!

He will eat cheese, but not by itself (ie only on pasta / pizza) not tried him on falafel in ages. That’s a great idea - I used to make them when he was a baby/ toddler and tailed off. Going to get back on that!

I’m going to try him on Quorn burgers too - he may well eat those as they’re in a bun grin

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AtleastitsnotMonday Mon 10-Aug-20 13:38:25

Have you tried him on haloumi? If you thread it on skewers interspersed with veg it increases the novelty factor!
What about bean burgers, I’m thinking something like jack Monroe’s carrot and kidney bean burgers or you could just pick some up from the supermarket.

HaggisTheGreat Mon 10-Aug-20 20:12:25

Nigella has a recipe for pasta with marmite. Also, what about eggs in different forms - eg egg “muffins” or quiche? Mix pulses into rice to go with curry (or any other dish)?

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