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Onion free pasta sauce recipe anyone?

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SerenityNowwwww Sun 09-Aug-20 15:25:39

That’s it really - nice (probably) tomato based pasta sauce with no onions (or garlic).

Any ideas? Also fat free...

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Chicchicchicchiclana Sun 09-Aug-20 15:36:38

I guess you can make a fat free tomato based pasta sauce without garlic or onion somehow or other but I doubt it could ever be described as nice.

SerenityNowwwww Sun 09-Aug-20 15:41:52

Hmmm - I was thinking of chopping courgette because that ‘melts’ down to give it a bit of body, otherwise it will be lumpy or like tomato soup. Without the taste☹️

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wonderpants Sun 09-Aug-20 15:42:11

We make one because of a fussy teen!
Just roasted peppers, courgettes, passata, tomato purée and maybe a few chilli flakes or some fresh basil.
Tastes okay for a family tea!

mdh2020 Sun 09-Aug-20 15:42:19

Just miss out the first steps of any recipe about frying onion and garlic and then proceed. Maybe add extra herbs.

SerenityNowwwww Sun 09-Aug-20 15:43:46

Since my usual is a plain sauce that would be:

Heat pan
Add jar of passata
Add some herbs

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BertieBotts Sun 09-Aug-20 15:44:32

Use celery instead, that gives a bit of umami flavour. And yes things like roasted peppers or sundried tomatoes added will add more depth.

Is it an allergy or just not liking them? You can blend the sauce after adding the tomatoes and the onions will be unable to be seen then.

TheDogsMother Sun 09-Aug-20 15:45:15

A Puttanesca but without the garlic ?

Xiaoxiong Sun 09-Aug-20 15:45:31

I made tomato sauce yesterday - fried garlic and onions in olive oil - sieved the onions and garlic out - then proceeded with the rest of the recipe. At the end I ladled out DH's portion, then added the onion and garlic back in for everyone else. He's low-FODMAP so this gives him the taste without the stomach ache.

SerenityNowwwww Sun 09-Aug-20 15:50:48

I’m trying FODMAP here (not me, I have cast iron guts). It seems that everything we like is on the ‘no’ list.

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SerenityNowwwww Sun 09-Aug-20 15:51:22

Hang on - so the strained out onion works ok?

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GreyishDays Sun 09-Aug-20 15:52:02

Ooh ohh I know.

Roast some tomatoes and anything else you’re allowed to eat. Then liquidise.

Iverunoutofnames Sun 09-Aug-20 15:53:07

I’ve used a jar of roasted peppers when I had no tomatoes before. Might give it more flavour.

Nacreous Sun 09-Aug-20 15:53:10

I would probably dice some carrot and celery small to make part of a soffrito, and sweat them a bit, and maybe add some diced courgette as you say. Then passata/tinned toms and herbs, maybe some extra fresh basil etc.

Alternatively, I like this ricotta and tomato sauce:

Heat a small splosh of olive oil, a pinch of salt, a pinch of sugar and 500g passata in a pan until simmering. (I would usually add garlic puree too, but could probably switch it for some herbs instead) and then add 250g ricotta to the mixture.

MeOnSea Sun 09-Aug-20 15:53:44

I think chives or the green part of spring onion is ok on low FODMAP? Though double check...

Is the no fat requirement part of Fodmap or an additional requirement?

Don’t think regular pasta is permitted...

SerenityNowwwww Sun 09-Aug-20 15:54:46

Oh the no fat is for the cholesterol like lard...

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SerenityNowwwww Sun 09-Aug-20 15:54:59

Getting older is just great isn’t it?

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MeOnSea Sun 09-Aug-20 15:54:59

Ps just to say I’ve done a regular bolognese (ie carrot and celery base) and stirred through chopped chives at the end that was pretty nice, served with rice rathe than pasta...

Nacreous Sun 09-Aug-20 15:56:11

Ooh could you use garlic oil instead if you're low fodmap-ing? I think that would be fine.

I would also try adding back the garlic and onions as an early option once you're reintroducing foods as they are two of the most irritating things and don't do me any harm at all.

In the end I concluded my issue was legumes/pulses.

MeOnSea Sun 09-Aug-20 15:56:56

Ah so that rules out creamy sauces.

Can you tolerate any Parmesan, would something like this work? Maybe add some extra herbs or something if no Parmesan?

SerenityNowwwww Sun 09-Aug-20 15:58:05

That Jamie one looks nice - not too cheesy.

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Nacreous Sun 09-Aug-20 15:58:09

Ah bugger forgot the fat free! I don't think olive oil will be bad for your cholesterol. Could probably switch the ricotta above for the Yeo valley 0% fat creme fraiche, as I think they strain theirs to make it thicker rather than thickening with starch - that's what they do with their half fat one anyway.

Pikachubaby Sun 09-Aug-20 16:00:00

You can do a pasta with lemon and courgette, lots of grated courgette and lemon zest. Thinks it needs a bit of olive oil, fat free is hard!

Do you have no gall bladder or something like that? I make sauce with tomatoes and olives, but again, the olives will contain some fat sad

NannyR Sun 09-Aug-20 16:00:48

I often make this sauce in bulk and freeze portions. The onion stays while and is fished out at the end. It's not low fat though, it has a fair bit of butter (I use olive oil instead) but you could try it without.

CasuallyMasculine Sun 09-Aug-20 16:04:42

So you want a tomato pasta sauce with no olive oil, onions or garlic? You poor thing.

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