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any good recipes for onion bhajis and/or vegetable pakora?

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oxocube Tue 02-Oct-07 17:38:55

Please? I've just made pakora from a recipe I have but its pretty tasteless. My spicing is obviously wrong. I know pakora are not meant to be very spicy but mine were really bland. TIA

firstamum Tue 02-Oct-07 17:59:53

try adding a bit of dry mango powder, ginger powder and cumin powder and a touch of red chilli powder. and don't forget the dash of lemon if you can't find mango powder!!

oxocube Tue 02-Oct-07 19:27:32

thanks! Will give it a go. I think I need to chuck out loads of my spices as they are old and have lost all flavour/strength.

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