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one year old refusing food by throwing it on the floor

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Anabellesmumanddad Tue 02-Oct-07 06:55:16

Our one year old is going through a phase of throwing her food on the floor. So we have started spoon-feeding as much as possible again. But even then sometimes she picks food out of her mouth and throws it. It drives us wild and we are trying to ignore it.
Have others had this problem? what have you done to cope with it?

lorisparkle Tue 02-Oct-07 11:24:55

My 15 month old has been doing this for a while now. My strategy is to say to him 'if you don't want it put it on the table' (with fewer words and actions so he understands!) and he will occasionally do it if I catch him just before he is about to throw it. (The table is just within reach of his high chair so he can still get the food if he changes his mind but it isn't on his tray)

I also take a lot of the food away leaving him with a smaller amount as sometimes I think he is 'intimitated' by large amounts of food. He also seems to be understanding the concept that if he throws it is gone and then he can't have it. He will look longily at it on the floor and point to it saying 'ah ah' and I just say 'gone'.

I'm hoping that as his understanding increases he will do this less. I think it is just part of him trying to express an opinion (as he is very keen to at the moment) so I am trying to be firm but fair whilst understanding his level of development.

nickigreen Tue 02-Oct-07 11:28:19

hi my baby is also one and doing the same i do not know what to do trying to ignore it but i suppose baby fun

Anabellesmumanddad Wed 03-Oct-07 05:52:15

thanks for your messages. I also think it's just a phase but it certainly is frustrating. I have also noticed that some days certain foods are really popular and then the next day she won't have a bar of it. I've ordered Annabel Kramers book so I am hoping it will have some more ideas in it.

slim22 Wed 03-Oct-07 06:15:00

Hi it's just a phase.........they all do it.
Let him do it. If you start feeding him yourself, you'll just delay the whole process.
You can help. Give him a spoon and keep one to shove in a mouthfull from time to time if you want.

Agree portion control important. too much is intimidating and just an invitation to mess about.

Also better give solid food rather than mushed. a stick of carrot easier to handle and more fun to chew on than a spoonfull of mush.

Variety also good. ie: some cooked carrot sticks + breadsticks and hummus + slices pear or yogurt

puffling Wed 03-Oct-07 07:19:50

DD also likes dipping, but there's no way on earth I could convince her to dip with a carrot stick.

Anabellesmumanddad Wed 03-Oct-07 09:18:31

The other thing I tried tonight was offering her my hand or the bowl for her to 'dump' food before she throws it on the floor. That seemed to amuse her. She would give it to me and then sometimes ask for it back... funny creatures children :-)

CastsSpellsWitchySpells Wed 03-Oct-07 09:23:54

What did I do to cope with it? Bought a new dustpan and brush and a good mop!

It's just a phase - a long one sometimes (many many months in our house), but a phase nonetheless.

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