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Cooking frozen meat purees

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Lukesmammy Mon 01-Oct-07 16:53:54

Hi All,

This is my first post on mumsnet despite reading posts for months so am slightly nervous!

This may sound like such a daft question but my son is 6 months old and he has been eating various veg and fruit purees for the past month or so.

I'm keen to introduce meat etc for iron intake etc. I bought AK's book and there is no way I have time to make the chicken stock she mentions in all of her meat puree recipes. So I just cooked some mince and chicken (separately obv.), added some boiled water, pureed and then froze little portions.

I then took them out to defrost and mix with the other pureed veg as and when I needed them but when I'm cooking them the meat cubes go all hard and horrible - any tips please??????

bookthief Mon 01-Oct-07 16:55:51

Maybe mix and freeze in with veg to start with? I've frozen portions of mince, carrots and mashed potatoes and salmon, peas and potatoes that defrost with no problems.

VoodooLULUmama Mon 01-Oct-07 16:57:36

mixing meat with tomato seems to make it nicer, and it won;t go to a smooth puree, anyway. bit of texture is fine

Lukesmammy Mon 01-Oct-07 17:05:58

Thanks bookthief - methinks thats what I am going to have to do!

My initial thought was that if I froze the meat individually then I could just mix and match with whatever different veg I had in the freezer with the beef each time I used one - for a bit of variety, if you know what I mean?!

But it just goes rock hard and crap looking so will have do the differing veg mixes with the beef prior to freezing!

Thanks again

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