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Dinner ideas for kids that have a cooked dinner at lunchtime

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nutcracker Mon 01-Oct-07 16:15:16

At the mo all 3 kids have school dinners, which is great but I am getting stuck on what to give them for tea.

I like them to still have something cooked, or warm at least, and ideally for it to include veg, as although dd1&2 are good at including veg in their school meal, ds isn't.

I'm doing tuna pasta bake tonight, which always goes down well, but other than omlette and beans on toast, I am getting stuck.

WaynettaVonBlood Mon 01-Oct-07 16:19:18

Scrambled eggs on toast
Cauliflower & broccoli cheese?
Jacket potatoes (cook in microwave,then bung in oven for 10 mins if you want to crisp them up)

nutcracker Mon 01-Oct-07 16:20:21

Ahhh cauliflower cheese, thats a good one, what do I put with it though ?

Scrambled eggs they have alot, but jacket pots less so as they aren't overly keen.

bossykate Mon 01-Oct-07 16:21:03

baked beans? pasta? soup?

ComeOVeneer Mon 01-Oct-07 16:22:31

Macaroni cheese with lardons and hard boiled eggs. Homemade soup and rolls (bung in loads of veg). Muffin pzzas (get them to do their own toppings).

totaleclipse Mon 01-Oct-07 16:24:32

spag bol is very quick to prepare.

nutcracker Mon 01-Oct-07 16:40:25

I did do homemade veg soup a few weeks ago, and it was nice, but seemed very faffy for what I actually got at the end.

nutcracker Mon 01-Oct-07 16:40:49

Oh yes spag bol, can do that in slow cooker too, so less hassle.

lovey Mon 01-Oct-07 17:30:18

Veg soup with bacon and pasta bits???

MaryAnnSingletomb Mon 01-Oct-07 17:34:09

pasta and pesto
rice and vegetables with tuna
cous cous

Coolmama Mon 01-Oct-07 17:37:49

fish and potato pie
chicken casserole
spanish omelettes
sausages and mash with peas or something
meatballs and pasta
fisha baked with cheesy topping

Coolmama Mon 01-Oct-07 17:39:26


PutThatInYourPipeandSmokeIt Tue 02-Oct-07 20:30:14

Steamed veggies (anything you can lay your hands on)

With cheesy garlic sauce
(Marscapone cheese melted + grated cheddar + crushed garlic + herbs + coarse gound black pepper)

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