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Baking cake on a very hot day

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Keepempeeled Fri 31-Jul-20 15:18:57

It is sweltering here but have baked a bakewell cake( sponge with almond flavour and cherry jam filling and iced top)
Should i be storing in an airtight tin in fridge or will that dry it out too much? Need it for tomorrow?
Thank you!

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SummerHouse Fri 31-Jul-20 15:21:47

Wow I am in exactly the same boat with a lemon drizzle and a million cupcakes!! I currently alternating them in the fridge (not room for all) but wondering the exact same thing...

SummerHouse Fri 31-Jul-20 15:22:28

Come on people who actually know....

Aroundtheworldin80moves Fri 31-Jul-20 15:26:14

When we lived in the Med... Iced cakes went in the fridge. Uniced in dark, cool cupboards.

SummerHouse Fri 31-Jul-20 15:28:38

Thanks around that is extremely helpful with my fridge space contender dilemma. cake

Keepempeeled Fri 31-Jul-20 15:33:39

Thanks @Aroundtheworldin80moves.really helpful. Your cakes sound yum @SummerHouse x

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managedmis Fri 31-Jul-20 15:34:46

Ooh cake!

Meangallery Fri 31-Jul-20 16:16:15

I made a red velvet cake yesterday and put it reluctantly in the fridge as was advised because of the cream cheese frosting - I wouldn't put a cake with normal icing in the fridge. Stick it in a shady room.

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