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any easy ideas for a 3 course meal

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dollyk Sat 29-Sep-07 21:47:41

something easy

fakeblonde Sat 29-Sep-07 21:55:02

oooh -
bung some smoked salmon and prawns on a bed of watercress with marie rose sauce (2 parts mayo to 1 part tom ketchup ) and some triangles of brown crusty bread.

Make a nice sauce (maybe peppercorn or stilton and walnut ) over fillet steak and either veg and pots or chunky chips and dips.

halve a pineapple and scoop out contents.
Bung fresh pineapple in a bowl mixed with lots of other coulourful fruit and serve IN the half of pineapple-looks great !

lilolilmanchester Sat 29-Sep-07 22:52:51

OK, need more clues (tho will be making fakeblonde's menu at earliest opportunity!)
Who are you cooking for? When?
How much time do you have (in advance and on the evening)
Do you have a set budget
How comfortable a cook are you?

PeachesMcLean Sat 29-Sep-07 23:04:54

deli stuff you can pick at for a first course. ie no cooking.
Slow cooked Casserole for a main course. ie, prepare in advance, basically just chuck it all in. And you get to check the seasoning and adjust as you go.
Nigella's mini chocolate puddings. they're really easy (though halve the amount of chocolate I'd say).

But lilolil is right. TEll us more.

dollyk Sat 29-Sep-07 23:09:54

I will be cooking on friday Im an ok cook and there is no budget and I have all day to get ready for it

fakeblonde that does sound good but how do you make a pepercorn sauce?

thanks all smile

lilolilmanchester Sat 29-Sep-07 23:30:32

Starters: I like all sorts of salads. I also like soups; souffles (the twice baked sort which you can cook ahead then reheat)or canapes.

Main: If meat, then a casserole, which can be cooked ahead and reheated (and "tarted up" before serving, e.g. with croutons/cobbler)
Also got lots of ideas for prepare ahead/cook quickly ideas, but need you to narrow down the menu choices

Dessert: Something fruity: grilled pineapple; the Mumsnet must-have "lemon drizzle cake" with some sort of fruity thing on side.....

Have a think about the "shape" of the menu you want to serve. and alternatives you are thinking for serving for each course (e.g. "salad or canapes for starters; definitely no soup" followed by "something with chicken breasts, no red meat or casseroles" etc etc would make it easier ot help you....

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