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Can someone please tell me how long i need to simmer my chutney for-still have lumps of fruit !

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fakeblonde Sat 29-Sep-07 21:39:02

Well i`ve made my first batch of green tomatoe and apple chutney.
Its been simmering for about and hour and only slightly thickened.
The pan is still full of chop friut !Shouldn`t it all be mushy by now ?
Do i have to stay up all night ?
Please tell me it wont be ages x

TheDuchessOfNorksBride Sun 30-Sep-07 00:21:02

Are you still simmering? Mine usually takes about 4 hours to get thick and brown. If you drag a wooden spoon across the bottom of the pan, the chutney should stay apart long enough for you to see the bottom of the pan.

And not all of the fruit will mush up although the tomatoes should.

Very low heat for a very long time - so yes, I guess you'll be having a late night!

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