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do i need to eat more calories today?

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NannyL Sat 29-Sep-07 20:11:42

Ok im on a diet... (have been for the past week and have been VERY good grin)

anyway today i have consumed hardly any calories but i really feel full...

I think the reason is i had my shreddies for breakfast (cause they do fill me up till lunch wink) then me and my mum went shopping and i planned to buy loads of 'point free' veggies to make a yummy soup... which i did, but our shopping trip lasted longer than expected as i was just SOOO starving by the end i got myself a TIN of soup to eat straight away when i got in at 4

(normally i eat with the children so lunch at 12, dinner at 4.30 so i was just soo hungry)

anyway had some soup with 2 slices of brown bread and felt full

have since made myself a yummy point free veg soup and have eaten a massive bowl full. (it was so yummy)

I reckon today i have had no more than 600 calories shock which i KNOW is not enough.... so do i need to eat more? today

please bear in mind tomorrow im off to my mums with all my family for classic roast beef with all the trimmings smile (but i dont like yorkshire pud) and my grandmother will be making a classic steamed syrup pudding or treacle tart with about a million calories in it (served with custard obviously!)(and i will be eating some) and my mum bought some extra yummy special ice cream today, again full of calories and I will( be having that as well tomorrow.


should i eat more today.... so my body doesnt think im starving to death?

Or save my calories for tomorrow when i will definitley need them!

moondog Sat 29-Sep-07 20:14:03

Don't eat when not hungry.
Secret to being slim.

NannyL Sat 29-Sep-07 20:25:39

ok! thanks

i'll save them for my puddings tomorrow! smile

FrannyandZooey Sat 29-Sep-07 20:28:02

I find it really depressing when adult women talk about being "good" when they are not eating much

eat good food (fresh, unprocessed, tasty) when you feel like it

THAT is eating well, and your weight will naturally stabilise if you eat that way

NannyL Sat 29-Sep-07 21:46:50

that is what i do....

when i go on a diet i completely 100% give up 'chemicals'.... which i try to avoid as much as possible any way.

It stops me from consuming processed biscuits and shop bought cakes.... but means im free to eat proper home made stuff, such as my grandmothers apple pie home made by her with no added crap that i ate on tuesday while being good smile

You could not pay me to consume diet drinks etc (or anything else with aspartame in), when i have squash (i mostly drink water) it is only ever full sugar rocks organic stuff...

with the except of dairy (where i have semi skimmed milk and low fat yogurt) I also refuse to eat ANYTHING 'low fat' ever!

I would much rather eat sugar and butter anyday (and i do) wether im being good or not..., no way would i consume manky sweetenres or processed hydrogentaed fats instead

all i want to do is loose these few Ibs that seem to have crept on since last X mas by this coming christmas

Whilst being 'good' this week i have eaten amoungst lots of other stuff
macaroni cheese (home made full fat cheese and milk)
apple pie
cottage pie
sauasge and mash
chicken and mayo wraps
banana cake (again home made by me)

the same usual stuff that i feed to the children (so will always be full fat everything, i eat the same meals as my charges during the week)

just means im not eating the 'naughty' bits when i get home and am eating even more fruit and veg than normal

(i reckon i typically average 7 portions of fruit / veg a day.... as do my charges wink_

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