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Family meal ideas please!

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emrg Mon 20-Jul-20 13:04:09

My brain has run dry of ideas suitable for us with an 18 month old.

I end up constantly making bolognese, lasagne, cottage pie, chicken casserole, pasta bake every week for dinners!

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TrashKitten10 Mon 20-Jul-20 14:22:47

Curries (add yoghurt or cream if they're a bit too spicy for baby), Jambalaya (stir in cream cheese to make it milder), risotto, gnocchi, roasted meats and vegetables, jacket potatoes, pie and mash, toad in the hole.

Ricekrispie22 Mon 20-Jul-20 14:23:49

Fish cakes
Fish pie - recipe serves 4-6 people. Halve to serve 2 adults and a toddler. Or freeze half.
Toad in the hole
Fried rice

Lockdownseperation Mon 20-Jul-20 14:31:26

What do you normally eat?

I have a just turned 1 yr old and a 4 yr old. Kids have allergies and DH doesn’t eat meat. Children are clingy when it’s time to cook and nap time is used to home school. I hate meal planning.

This week we are having
- chicken or halloumi skewers with salad, Pitta bread and baba ganush
- sea bass, new potatoes, carrots and broccoli
- cauliflower, sweet potatoes, chickpea and spinach curry with Dahl
- tuna pasta bake
- veggie chilli
- sweet corn and courgette fritters with poached egg and salsa
- ? I cant remember!

AtleastitsnotMonday Mon 20-Jul-20 14:31:53

Any particular dislikes?

Chicken tagine with cous cous
Honey and mustard chicken skewers, wedges and homemade coleslaw
Tuna, sweet potato and chilli fishcakes
Butterflied chicken breasts with a Cajun rub! Spicy rice and salad.
Veggie chilli with rice/ tortilla chips or jackets
Stuffed mushrooms topped with blue cheese (or milder cheese for little one)
Baked butternut squash falafel with pita and salad
Gammon with mango and pineapple salsa
Chicken and chorizo Spanish chicken
Baked lemon and herb salmon fillets with new potatoes and asparagus
Red pepper and chickpea curry and rice
Fritata with roasted Mediterranean veg
Pasta arabiata
Spaghetti with cherry tomatoes, chilli and crab

cupidsabsolutepsyche Mon 20-Jul-20 20:14:34

Had a load of veggies to use up and some chicken breasts to cook today so I coated the chicken with oil, paprika and salt, browned in a pan and then put in the oven with the chopped up veg to roast for about 40 mins (cherry toms, aubergine, courgette, carrot, green pepper and some garlic cloves). DD had the chicken with raw veg, pitta, houmous and garlic dip, I had toasted pitta with the roasted veg, chicken, and hot sauce, and DP will have similar. I'll be doing this loads, it's so easy.

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