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ELF1981 Fri 28-Sep-07 20:19:50

And they are still as gorgeous as ever!!

Tis the only thing that made me smile today seeing as my house sale fell through. 4 more wispas sitting in the fridge... yummy

princessmel Fri 28-Sep-07 20:20:44

Oooh we were talking about these the other day. my sister said they were coming back. YUMMY!!!!!

NotAlert Fri 28-Sep-07 20:20:51

And I was doing so well, but now have to scour the house for chocolate!!!!!!!

(Thanks, btw wink)

Jazzicatz Fri 28-Sep-07 20:20:53

Oooohhhhhhhh yum, that is the best news I have heard all day!

princessmel Fri 28-Sep-07 20:21:35

isn't it only for a short time though

Trinityrhino Fri 28-Sep-07 20:21:37


GreatGooglyMoogly Fri 28-Sep-07 20:21:49

Is Wispa Gold back too?!!!

ELF1981 Fri 28-Sep-07 20:23:50

Havent seen the Wispa gold.

But, my younger sister is so excited that they are back, and she hasn't had one yet. I texted her to say I'd got her one, she was jealous. Then my sister (who gets stuff from the cadbury rep) got about 20 from the rep, put them in the fridge and texted the picture to my sister grin

I'm stocking up. Wispa is my fave chocolate bar EVER.

TheDuchessOfNorksBride Fri 28-Sep-07 20:25:47

I've just opened a trade account with a sweets wholesaler (for pre-school, not just for me grin) and I saw the Wispa's in the 'new items' section. Ordered a box there and then!
Er, to sell at pre-school fair of course....

beansprout Fri 28-Sep-07 20:26:06

What's a Wispa Gold?

ELF1981 Fri 28-Sep-07 20:26:44

Wispa gold is a Wispa bar with a section of caramel inside.

beansprout Fri 28-Sep-07 20:30:15

That's a shame, I was hoping they wouldn't do that!! Caramel is a bit sickly to add to Wispas which, IIRC, were a bit sickly already!

Lorayn Fri 28-Sep-07 20:34:39

They have bought it back for a limited amount (23 million) to see how well they sell, then will reevaluate it.
wispa is back

TheDuchessOfNorksBride Fri 28-Sep-07 20:35:57

Wispa orders here

ELF1981 Fri 28-Sep-07 20:38:03

my sister ordered the wispa from there a few years ago (all exciting thinking they were back) and got some cadbury bubbly bars!

princessmel Fri 28-Sep-07 21:01:03

Wispa gold = yuk imo

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