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Chocolate cake recipe needed for v fussy DH, (who normally criticises my admittedly poor attempts to bake)

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gio71 Thu 27-Sep-07 19:03:08

DH's stipulations, it must be:
V Chocolatey
Ideally made with plain chocolate rather than cocoa
More on the side of rich chocolatey rather than overly sweet

My stipulations, it must be:
easy to make
have nice cake mixture scrapings grin

Really hope someone can help cos if I hear once more about what an amazing chocolate cake his mother used to make it won't be pretty......

nimnom Thu 27-Sep-07 19:36:22

Try BBC Good Food website. Their recipes are usually foolproof.
Look here
Good Luck!!

freakypenguin Thu 27-Sep-07 19:37:07

if he's that fussy tell him to do it himself!!! wink

good luck anyway.

NurseyJo Thu 27-Sep-07 19:38:11

Message withdrawn

princessmel Thu 27-Sep-07 19:38:20

Umm if he is that rude and fussy I wouldn't bother. Tell him tomake one himself and see if he can make it fit his exact criteria.

freakypenguin Thu 27-Sep-07 19:42:15

as i recall nigella did a chocolate christmas cake that had prunes in it to keep it moist...

guess that could go either way depending on how you feel about prunes...

but i agree that if you're making something for someone and doing your best they should blimmin well appreciate the effort and not pick holes...

LizaRose Thu 27-Sep-07 19:46:07

I would do Victoria sandwich with a bit of cocoa powder and melt a bar of plain chocolate to add to the mix!

3 eggs
6 oz butter/marg
6 oz caster sugar
4 oz SR flour
2 ox cocoa powder
Small bar chocolate

Cream butter and sugar. add eggs and dry ingredients. Add melted choc. Bake in sandwich tins about 180C for 20 min.

gio71 Thu 27-Sep-07 20:08:39

These are making me hungry, gutted dont have ingredients in, could SO eat chocolate cake now
Thanks all

faylisa Thu 27-Sep-07 20:20:30

I use a chocolate brownie mix to either make brownies, or a cake. Is foolproff ...

1) Mix 8oz butter with 16 oz sugar
2) Gradually beat in 4 eggs, a splash of milk and a couple of drops of vanilla essence (not essential)
3) Mix in 8 oz of sifted plain flour and 3 oz of sifted cocoa

Pour into a cake tin and bake at around 170 C for 25 mins (a bit higher temp if your oven isn't fan assisted). Then stick in knife or scewer - it should be moist, but not liquid ie the knife can have a bit of mixture on it but shouldn't be coated. If it seems undercooked then put it back in for another 5 mins and then test again. Hope that makes sense?

This should be a moist, dense cake and, therefore, is better if it is a bit under-cooked rather than over-cooked

I top it with chocolate butter icing

Good luck with whichever one you decide to cook....

lulu25 Thu 27-Sep-07 20:31:00

nigel slater's chocolate espresso cake

in "real food" if you have got that but i just successfully googled it (don't know how to do links tho)

quite flat and gooey, so relatively foolproof just don't overcook it

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