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Party cakes - bale of staw

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wheresthecorkscrew Thu 27-Sep-07 15:05:45

Does anyone have any ideas of what I can use on a party cake to look like straw - I've got strawberry laces for baler twine but not too sure how to recreate realistic (ish) staw or hay. It's only going to be one bale (my ds loves them hmm) so I want it to look really good for him.

littlelapin Thu 27-Sep-07 15:06:25

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

numptysmummy Thu 27-Sep-07 15:10:06

How about wrapping it in real hay and unwrapping it before you cut it? Just mind the candles!!

Twiglett Thu 27-Sep-07 15:10:29

mini shredded wheat

Twiglett Thu 27-Sep-07 15:10:46

like LL said .. but infinitely superior grin

alycat Thu 27-Sep-07 15:11:43

I would use a potato ricer to squeeze soft yellow fondant icing through, making long yellow worms. I would then stick these on to a flat yellow square if icing, precut to size for the top and sides of the cake.

When these are a little firmer, I would then stick them on to the cake.

wheresthecorkscrew Thu 27-Sep-07 15:28:54

Thank you all! I did think about shreddies or shreddded wheat - taste like straw - look like straw although I'm tempted by the idea of the real stuff - maybe light the candles outside

numptysmummy Thu 27-Sep-07 16:11:44

Put a pic up when you've made itsmile

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