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Mince has changed colour,is it safe?

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Bingowin Mon 06-Jul-20 12:26:08

I've got a pack of beef/pork mince which was red as usual when I bought it.

It's now gone very pale and the use by date is today. Can I stick it in the freezer and use another time (not for around to cooking it) or should I chuck it?
I haven't got time to take it back so just need to know if it's safe or not.
I've read differing opinions online.

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SeaToSki Mon 06-Jul-20 13:06:45

It will go brown as the oxygen oxidises the meat touching the air, but pale sounds a bit dodgy

Inwould chuck it if i wasnt sure, as it is mince and that is the highest risk type of meat as it has been handled so much

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