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(kind of) For fun - recipe suggestions to look like a culinary genius

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MascaraOHara Wed 26-Sep-07 13:01:36

Ok so I'm cooking tonight for a friend, want to be thought of as fantastic culinary genius.

Won't get in until 6 - dd in bed at 7 so don't want to spend the whole evening in the kitchen.

So what are your suggestions? prep and cooking time under 1hr if possible..

TIA grin

Sunshinemummy Wed 26-Sep-07 13:09:04

One of my top dinner party dishes is Bill Granger's fish burritos.

White fish chopped into bite size pieces. In processor chop coriander, ground cumin, paprika, salt, pepper, oilve oil and chilli to paste. Cover fish with paste and leave.

Make cucumber salad. Peel and deseed cucumber, halve it a chop into thickish slices. Add halved cherry tomatoes, coriander, spring onions and chilli. Season with salt, pepper and a tsp sugar.

Make lime mayo with shop bought mayo and lime juice.

Warm tortillas, fry fish in batches in oil. Serve with little gem leaves and lime wedges.

Serve all bits separately and everyone makes up their own burritos. It's very quick and easy and delicious.

MascaraOHara Wed 26-Sep-07 14:13:13

Ooo it does sound nice but I'm not overly keen on fish lol

Bewilderbeast Wed 26-Sep-07 14:19:12

risotto! takes 25 mins but has a reputation for being difficult (it isn't) so you look fabulous

ggglimpopo Wed 26-Sep-07 14:26:52

Anything ricey - plain rice or risotto or whatever you make - make it then put it in v lighty buttered small bowl/cup and then turn out onto plate. Sprinkle with finely chopped herb or dust with spice of choice. Always looks as though took hours.

Twiglett Wed 26-Sep-07 14:29:23

go to waitrose and cheat

Twiglett Wed 26-Sep-07 14:30:12

if a girl french bread and a cheese board with olives, other picky food a good bet

or I quite like poached salmon with new pots and green veg .. easy

ggglimpopo Wed 26-Sep-07 14:30:23

Waitrose cheat and my rice thingwink

AnnieOleHouseElf Wed 26-Sep-07 14:30:59

This is my favourite dish at the moment
Green coconut curry
Do it with some rice, easy peasy.

If you're not keen on fish, stick chicken cubes in at step 3 instead.


MascaraOHara Wed 26-Sep-07 14:46:44

<ahem> TWIG! I was/am planning to pick something up from M&S on way home but then someone in the bootcamp suggested rustling something up so don't have to sepnd money.. hence, this thread!

Am very tempted to cheat and do nice rice/risotto, I love risotto - any excuse

puffylovett Wed 26-Sep-07 14:59:30

TWIGLETT !!! naughty bootcamp leader shock

spag carbonara with fresh parsley drizzled over... or is that a bit eighties ?

how about good old bangers and mash, if it's good enough for Kate Winslets wedding reception....

Twiglett Wed 26-Sep-07 15:07:44

oops ... am wearing wrong hat aren't I? grin

yes rice based dish .. I like ggglimpopo's poncey dish tbh

Twiglett Wed 26-Sep-07 15:08:23

wot you got in the fridge / freezer / cupboard then?

MascaraOHara Wed 26-Sep-07 15:14:21

LOL, how should I know - I'm at work!

I now that I will have some arborio though and white wine in the fridge so could potentially do Risotto.. have chicken/veg/beef boullion in friedge also. What sort of risotto, can't be mushroom.

how about bacon? with peas an onion maybe? topped with paramasan shavings?

served with some nice ciabatta?

I cook tagliatelle carbanora loads so doesn't feel special IYKWIM.

I do love Sausage & Mash anyone got a fabulous onion gravy recipe?

casbie Wed 26-Sep-07 15:15:33

just plenty of wine...

Twiglett Wed 26-Sep-07 15:17:33

bacon, peas and onion sounds delish and with bread (not fond of ciabatta personally but that's just me I believe .. in the whole western world)


well done boot camper

Scootergrrrl Wed 26-Sep-07 15:19:39

Try tomato chicken - it's so yummy and only take three things

Chicken breast portions (with our without skin) coat with olive oil and put in oven dish. Tip in punnet of cherry tomatoes. Add salt and pepper.
Roast in oven until chicken is done. Remove chicken and place on plate to rest.
Put dish on hob if hob-proof, or tip tomatoes into a saucepan. Add a tub of creme fraiche and heat to make a sauce. Pour over chicken and serve with new potatoes and veg or rice.


MascaraOHara Wed 26-Sep-07 15:20:27

Ooo I am bit partial to ciabatta, freshly cooked with oil and balsamic.. have an expensive balsamic in cupboard that is out at any excuse because I luuurve it!

Right so bacon, peas and onion risotto made with veg stock and white wine..

yum.. shall I put some chicken in too? I have chicken.

EmsMum Wed 26-Sep-07 15:28:53

I wouldn't put the chicken in. What you've got is good. I'd fry some garlic with the onions but not everyone likes it.

Have you got a salad to go with that? Just something simple like cos or rocket with more of that olive oil&balsamic with black pepper.

I wish I was your friend grin

MascaraOHara Wed 26-Sep-07 15:33:09

OOO there will deffo be fresh garlic, I am garlic fiend

will soften the onion and garlic, fry bacon - add to the rice cooked with stock and wine, throw in the peas then add a bit of black pepper towards the end. Serve topped with shavings and maybe some shreaded spring onion or chives?

Have a bag of rocket that I can bung in a bowl and all the rest so only need to pick up the ciabatta.

MascaraOHara Wed 26-Sep-07 16:39:11

scrap the peas I'm going to use leeks I think.

Bacon & Leek risotto and lots and lots of white wine

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