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Any tips for a DS (3 and a half) who is a bad eater

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Chooster Wed 26-Sep-07 12:08:36

DS1 has never been that interested in food - and I'm sure as a first time mum I haven't helped along the way. I've probably accidently made food and eating dinner a battle ground when it needn't be.

Anyway, DS2 was born about 11 weeks ago and while DS1 has been great in every other way, he has started to play up more at dinner time, perhaps because I am not able to give him undivided attention (DH and I dont eat that often with DS1 as DH gets in too late), but I do sit with him. However its getting progressively more of an issue and now DS is deliberately doing naughty things like standing on his chair, trying to get down from the table to get some toys, and then refusing to eat.

At the moment I'm trying to stay calm about it and say he can have pudding if he eats his dinner (or makes a decent attempt), or he gets nothing if he doesn't eat his main course. He doesn't really seem that bothered though. He does keep asking for his pudding but gives up if I stick to my guns.

Does anyone have any other tips?? I'm thinking of a sticker chart with a toy at the end to try and get away from using food (i.e pudding) as a threat / reward?????

LoveMyGirls Wed 26-Sep-07 12:17:24

I would try eating with him, the best way for him to learn is to have a good role model don't fuss about it if he messes about tell him it will go in the bin (calmly) give him 3 chances then bin and no pudding. Keep doing this until he learns meal times are for sitting and eating dinner. Give him no attention don't keep reminding him to behave just the 3 chances and bin explain the first few times but after that do it sliently or just say no pudding now and ignore him if he whinges about it (its hard but has to be done). I guess you can try the sticker chart for when he does do well and perhaps buy him something nice if he does well so many days in a row.

While you are doing this give him food you know he likes then slowly introduce new foods, dont give him any snacks in between and don't give huge helpings and make puddings really appertising things like banana and custard, angel delight, ice cream and strawberries etc etc

I'm having to do this with a mindee of mine at the moment - it's been going on for a while now but we have made progress, he used to throw food and chew and spit it out and all sorts now he sits at a table and eats quite well we have the odd blip like yesterday where his lunch and dinner were thrown on the floor but today he has eaten everything i have given him. hth

Things will get better.

BettySpaghetti Wed 26-Sep-07 12:21:25

Do some cooking or baking with him.

My DS is around the same age and loves cooking and, as a knock-on effect, eating the results!

Even if its just putting a filling in his sandwich

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