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Green tinge to bacon

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strugglingwithdeciding Sun 28-Jun-20 18:06:29

Brought some bacon today use by is next friday
Put in fridge
Whilst i was upstairs my teenage son made himself a bacon sandwich on the george foreman
Was going to make himself another one but called me down aa he noticed green tinge to bacon
It does have a green almost metacially colour more noteacable when you pick up and look in light
Is this normal and safe to eat ?
Hes already ate two slices
Bacon doesnt smell and isnt slimy ?

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BMaman Sun 28-Jun-20 18:11:53

Yes it's normal. He'll be fine.

RedCatBlueCat Sun 28-Jun-20 18:15:52

Agree with the above. Metallic green sheen on otherwise normal looking bacon is no issue.

DramaAlpaca Sun 28-Jun-20 18:18:51

Yes, it's normal & perfectly safe to eat even though it doesn't look it.

strugglingwithdeciding Sun 28-Jun-20 19:09:33

Thank you all

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