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Inspiration needed please - chicken

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CurseryKinkajoo Wed 24-Jun-20 15:55:45

I am bored shitless with cooking. I have 3 chicken breasts and need ideas please.

There will be 4 of us - 2 adults, 13yo and 11yo. One is fussy so won’t eat much meat. We regularly have fajitas, curry, risotto and paella. I breadcrumbed some last week but it wasn’t a huge hit.

Please help, I’m just staring at the chicken breasts hoping they will do something magically all by themselves...

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forsucksfake Wed 24-Jun-20 15:59:40

Season chicken with very little salt, some pepper, onion and garlic powder. Make a pocket in the chicken and stuff with any kind cheese and wrap in bacon.

YukoandHiro Wed 24-Jun-20 16:03:01

Lemon and cream chicken pasta - google it, lots of recipes online. It's so easy and so yummy

AriettyHomily Wed 24-Jun-20 16:06:27

Marinate in lemon, oil and oregano and make kebabs, serve with pitta
Marinate in tikka or tandoori and yogurt, make kebabs and serve with naan
Get a nando's rub, serve in pitta - fake nandos burger

Can you tell we've been bbq'ing all week?!

HaggisTheGreat Wed 24-Jun-20 16:10:55

Caesar salad? Or a pie - either creamy with mushrooms and/or leeks, or tomato base maybe with chorizo? Or a tray bake with potatoes and other veg, like a mini roast (again chorizo would go well)? We have chicken breasts to use too, and I do find them dull and often dry. Was bored of family cooking even before lockdown, but now....

MotherForkinShirtBalls Wed 24-Jun-20 16:10:56

Had this last night, it was lush. Just chucked it in the oven at 160 for about 20 mins, served with salad and crusty bread.

CurseryKinkajoo Wed 24-Jun-20 16:12:03

Kebabs might work grin, thank you arietty

Googled the lemon and cream pasta but no cream in the house sad. Definitely putting it on the meal plan for next week though, thank you @YukoandHiro

No bacon either sad @forsucksfake but stuffed chicken has been a hit (I used Boursin type stuff) in the past so will keep that on the idea list.

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Ricekrispie22 Wed 24-Jun-20 16:13:21

Pasta bake
Sesame chicken noodles
Sweet and sour

CurseryKinkajoo Wed 24-Jun-20 16:13:40

@HaggisTheGreat we set up a rota to take it in turns - it’s ds1’s turn tonight but he’s off sailing so about to leave and has stitched me up like a kipper angry

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CurseryKinkajoo Wed 24-Jun-20 16:14:58

@MotherForkinShirtBalls that does look amazing. Going to eye up the spice cupboard and see what we’ve got...

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Zoomintheroom Wed 24-Jun-20 16:15:46

We're having chicken gyros on the barbecue tonight.

CurseryKinkajoo Wed 24-Jun-20 16:16:02

@Ricekrispie22 I love stroganoff but the dc don’t like mushrooms sad

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LadyMonicaBaddingham Wed 24-Jun-20 16:18:52

Slice the breasts in half through the middle and bash out a little. Place on oiled tray, top with sliced tomatoes and mozzarella , sprinkle with dried oregano or mixed herbs and bake 15 mins at 180c. Pizza chicken!

BigGee Wed 24-Jun-20 16:55:16

We love pesto chicken.

Bash chicken breasts to flatten them a wee bit, then lay in a baking tray lined with baking paper or foil (don't miss this out, the washer up will thank you) .

Mix pesto with a bit of cream cheese (proportions to suit what you have, as I tend to use leftover pesto so it varies how much I have) and spread over the chicken breasts. Add a pile of veggies to roast with them - sweet potato, tomatoes and pepper are our favs - and shove in a 180 degree oven for about 30-35 minutes till cooked. Very yummy.

If you've no pesto, I've thrown together the soft cheese with a handful of sundried tomatoes, capers and olives blended to a paste, then smeared that on the chicken, and it's absolutely delicious too.

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