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cold tuna pasta salad recipe

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Tigi Tue 25-Sep-07 14:26:18

Ideas please for ds to take to school for his lunchbox. Any suggestions, he is 5. Likes sweetcorn, tuna, chicken. not peppers or anything spicy. Just loves pasta! Thanks!

Twiglett Tue 25-Sep-07 14:27:25

are you asking how you make tuna pasta and the ilk?

if so

mix tuna and sweetcorn with mayo and add cooked pasta .. and stir

or replace with chicken

or am I not understanding the qustion?

Tigi Tue 25-Sep-07 14:29:28

yes thats it, wasn't sure if mayo is the only option! I never make my own, just buy deli stuff ready made if it's for a quick dinner on the run, and ds likes the left overs next day!
I make my own hot pasta, but that isn't so nice cold!

willowsmom Sat 29-Sep-07 16:23:48

Without adding spice you could add a little more taste by mixing in some salad cream or a little pickle juice or mustard powder. Just a pinch and it's not so bland. Also, try chopped up ham or chicken. Add in things like peas and onions, or pieces of broccoli/carrot. Even better for him and tasty! Season mayo with a little pepper or something too!

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