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Olivebranch Tue 25-Sep-07 10:43:42

I have a bread making machine which makes lovely white bread however, I just can't make "light" non sticky, heavy wholemeal bread. Has any one got any ideas?? - I have followed the recipes in the cook book provided but they're just not working. Thanks in advance

EmsMum Tue 25-Sep-07 10:49:57

Yes. You need this:!11682

- its really just extra gluten to make up for what the wholemeal lacks.

9 floz water.
2 tbs oil (i use light olive)
2 tsp sugar
1 tsp salt (I leave this out for DHs sake)
Put in 1lb flour minus a couple of teaspoons
2tsp of the dough improver.

1tsp breadmaker yeast.

run on wholemeal program.

Until you get the dough improver, make the bread with about a quarter white bread flour.

Olivebranch Tue 25-Sep-07 12:25:18

EmsMum you are a star - I'll definitely get some. Thanks very much. Do you bake your bread in a machine ? Can I exchange the oil for butter?? as I have never used oil in my machine before

EmsMum Tue 25-Sep-07 18:06:13

oh yes, machine (hence 'breadmaker yeast' grin )

sure you could use butter - thats what a lot of recipes say but I find oil easier to slosh in and I suppose its a tad healthier to leave the butter to put on it.

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