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Any ideas about how to use up clotted cream

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NutshellBound Sun 21-Jun-20 13:05:03

I can only think of shortbread! Tia

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NutshellBound Sun 21-Jun-20 13:05:43

And google is underwhelming so far

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Madvixen Sun 21-Jun-20 13:06:00

Rice pudding?

TheEmojiFormerlyKnownAsPrince Sun 21-Jun-20 13:06:10

A spoon and the tub.

Spoon into mouth.

Marmaladey Sun 21-Jun-20 13:06:32

Make more scones? You can also freeze it if you have loads. Or make icecream?

CinnabarRed Sun 21-Jun-20 13:07:11

Still reeling from the concept of “using up” clotted cream. It’s nectar from the Gods themselves.

TooGood2BeTrue Sun 21-Jun-20 13:08:10

What TheEmoji said. Or forget the spoon and just lick it out.

Ragwort Sun 21-Jun-20 13:08:53

Just eat it - with strawberries.

It freezes really well.

muckandnettles Sun 21-Jun-20 13:09:51

A big blob on ice cream!

IHaveBrilloHair Sun 21-Jun-20 13:11:13

Ha, I came to advise that all you need is a spoon too!grin

Redcrayons Sun 21-Jun-20 13:13:21

You’re doing scones wrong if you’ve got leftover clotted cream.
Get yourself a big spoon and go for it.

Calyx72 Sun 21-Jun-20 13:14:37

I used mine up making lemonade scones. It's just self raising flour, lemonade (or sprite, 7 up or whatever) and cream.

They don't rise very much but are delicious- keep some of the cream to have with them

Also I have used up whipped cream by mashing into potatoes smile

NutshellBound Sun 21-Jun-20 14:28:50

What was I thinking! I can eek this out at a couple of spoons a day and have now been enabled by Mumsnet to do so. It's a huge tub best before Tuesday grin

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Carrotcakeforbreakfast Sun 21-Jun-20 17:34:37

Yeah I would just go straight for a spoon.

Failing that scones and jam.

Powerplant Sun 21-Jun-20 17:50:03

Tiddy pasty absolutely gorgeous a Devon tradition. So slices of potato and onion on a pastry base then blobs of clotted cream, season add pastry top then bake in the oven it’s delicious hot or cold

StarScream22 Sun 21-Jun-20 17:55:40

Creamy pasta

FawnDrench Sun 21-Jun-20 18:27:39

Some lovely recipes from bbc recipes here

hedgehogger1 Sun 21-Jun-20 18:44:38

Just eat it with a spoon

thisstooshallpass Sun 21-Jun-20 18:46:48

Why is it only Rhoddas you can buy at supermarkets? No supermarket own brands or cheaper versions. I googled how to make my own, it was easy but an incredible waste of energy (oven on very very low for a long long time)

TheEmojiFormerlyKnownAsPrince Sun 21-Jun-20 18:48:57

I would not wasted clotted cream in savoury items!

Just had Eton Mess. Yum

Quickerthanavicar Sun 21-Jun-20 18:52:23

a spoon

BillywigSting Sun 21-Jun-20 18:53:03

Clotted cream in pasta is a colosal waste.

Have with some berries sprinkled with sugar and left 15 minutes.

Buy more scones?

Cranachan? Bit early for good raspberries mind you

TrobadoraBeatrice Sun 21-Jun-20 18:56:24

Definitely in rice pudding! Just stir in a huge spoonful at the end of cooking on the hob, or there are a few recipes online for baked rice pudding with clotted cream.

Cummingsandgoings Sun 21-Jun-20 18:56:56

I've made fudge from the Rhoddas website before to use up a couple of tubs I bought for 9p each in Asda. Only thing is, when you see what goes into fudge you can never eat it without guilt again!

Also any scone, muffin or cake recipe that has greek yoghurt, milk, creme fraiche, sour cream as an ingredient would probably work fine with clotted cream if you really do just want to use it up - just give it a bit of a stir and slacken off with a small slosh of milk.

Might also be nice on top of porridge with a sprinkle of brown sugar - maybe fresh raspberries too.

Spooned on top of home-made mushroom soup?

TheEmojiFormerlyKnownAsPrince Sun 21-Jun-20 19:25:26

I bought raspberries from Tesco for my Eton Mess.

They were really sweet and plump! Gorgeous

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