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One year old feeding schedule

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Parkersmummy Fri 19-Jun-20 20:05:54

My lb recently turned one and has never slept through the night without a bottle, I try to settle him without one but he gets very upset and wails the house down. I wondered what other mums feeding schedules are like ours is currently:
7-7.30 1 weetabix or slice of toast
9-9.30 6oz full fat milk bottle
9.30-11 nap
11.30 lunch- omelette or sandwich or what we had for tea the night before with some fruit and a yoghurt
2pm 6oz full fat bottle
2.30-3.30 nap
3.30 snack- vege sticks or crisps or fruit
5pm dinner- pasta, curry, fish fingers & waffels
6.30 bath
7.15 7oz formula and bed

He normally wakes between 1-2am for a bottle then again at 5. We are trying to wean the night bottles and I feel like I can’t feed him anymore.
Tia x

Mrsdoubtfireswig Sat 20-Jun-20 00:43:15

At that age mine had

8am ish 5oz bottle and 2 weetabix
10am snack rice cakes or banana / grapes
12pm lunch of half spread cheese sandwich, or toast / beans, yoghurt or fruit pouch
Nap 12-2 ish
2.30 snack pancake or crackers / breadsticks
4.30 either baby meal like a spag bol, stew etc or offered what we were eating, following by yoghurt or jelly or fruit
6.30 5oz bottle
Water offered to drink through the day

Diet was quite sweet / carby - we offered loads of different things - cucumber sticks, blanched carrot sticks, scrambled eggs, pasta pesto but took a long time for DS to come round to eating different textures (still won’t eat cucumber now)

What he does like which I wish we’d tried earlier is dry cereal as a snack - Cheerios, shredded wheat etc - really handy to take out and eat alongside fruit etc

Parkersmummy Sat 20-Jun-20 16:29:28

So you don't offer milk during the day... that is perhaps where I'm going wrong I have still been offering milk in the morning after breakfast before his nap...

My lb is funny with veg he will eat it mixed in with stuff but when I offer it as a finger food it's rejected but I will persevere

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