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Fried Bread

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passthemustard Wed 17-Jun-20 15:24:15

I've got a craving for fried bread!!! (This isn't gonna end well.)

I haven't ever made my own fried bread. What I want to know is which oil is best for frying bread in?

Thank you 😊

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sleepismysuperpower1 Wed 17-Jun-20 15:25:03

i use sunflower oil and it turns out fine smile

passthemustard Wed 17-Jun-20 15:30:24

@sleepismysuperpower1 do I chuck loads in or use it sparingly 😂

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sleepismysuperpower1 Wed 17-Jun-20 15:32:00

I tend to use it quite sparingly or the bread becomes soggy smile

Mascotte Wed 17-Jun-20 15:32:44

Quite a lot, ensure both sides dipped in before start and cook not too hot.

GiantKitten Wed 17-Jun-20 15:32:56

I use rapeseed (ie “vegetable oil” which says it’s rape on the label).

Just enough to wet both sides.

(Sometimes I fry bacon first & use the fat off that 😋)

passthemustard Wed 17-Jun-20 16:47:56

@giantkitten mmmm that's sounds good! I can't wait for breakfast 😂

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otterbaby Wed 17-Jun-20 16:52:14

No need for oil, just throw it in the pan after you fry your bacon/sausages grin

SpacePug Thu 18-Jun-20 10:46:10

OMG haven't had fried bread in years, it reminds me of holidays in Spain being half board, where the breakfast buffet has fried bread on it and my parents would say it's treat cos were on holiday 😂 never ever would think to make it at home as it's always just been a holiday thing lol

andyoldlabour Fri 19-Jun-20 15:24:09

We have sausages and egg once or twice a month and my guilty treat is fried bread. Little bit of olive oil in a pan, too much and the bread goes soggy. A thin buttering of the bread. Let the pan get hot, non buttered side first, then turn over and keep checking so that the bread doesn't burn.
With my homemade bread, it goes nice and crispy.

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