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Neff Bosch cooking differences

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kitchens28 Wed 17-Jun-20 10:17:21

Seeing an old thread re the difference between Neff & Bosch cooking appliances, if anyone remains unaware of the difference between Neff and Bosch for cooking, it is as follows -
Neff has it's own patented fan cooking system called Circotherm.
The oven cavity has the air vents corresponding the the shelf positions to envelope the hot air over the foods more effectively. This allows for lower cooking temperatures, keeping the oven cleaner through less spitting. They used to state one could roast as low as 160 degrees in a Neff oven. I have had many oven, being 38 years in the business and my Mum still prefers Neff to any other. She is happy with a basic oven, it cooks under 180 and she has always wiped it clean as it cools. Her last one was 25 years old and remained clean inside as nothing burned on.
For me, i buy on simplicity of use as there are too many functions on certain machines, for ones own good. As Neff is part of Bosch Siemens, all 3 brands are good.
Any good branded oven with fan, fan grill (particularly good for old fashioned tasting jacket potatoes after a roll in salt & oil when used at about 190) cold air fan for speedy defrost of meats & delicate sweets that would otherwise cook/melt in a m/wave, a grill, conventional non fan mode for a tiramisu, heavy cakes, breads and low slow casseroles. That 5-6 functions with a pyrolytic clean function is enough imo.
With regard to other appliances, go for the quietest & most efficient cooker hood for grease absorption. Hobs, i have bought my point & twist Neff hob to Vietnam to live with me as i like it. I do not like to keep pressing the glass with pudding fingers, transmitting residues onto it and having to 'clean where i've been' every 5 minutes! D/washers and laundry are all style & feature based decisions much as cars using the same floorpans. Bosch better in the wet areas perhaps.
Thanks for reading. I hope it helps. Phil

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