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Help! - Emergency, easy, gluten free, veggi lunch idea needed

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BroccoliSpears Sun 23-Sep-07 17:42:38

If anyone can offer any suggestions I'd be ever so grateful.

I've just had a phonecall from an old friend - they'd like to pop in for lunch tomorrow en route to somewhere else.

I'm vegetarian. Old friend has a gluten intolerance (that's wheat, isn't it? So no flour? Help me out here...). New boyfriend, who I haven't met, apparently eats most things. Dd aged 16 mths will be eating with us. She eats anything.

Oh, and I'm WRETCHED with morning sickness and can't cope with too much cooking, though am normally pretty confident in the kitchen.

What will be quick and suitable, but will look as though I've gone to a bit of effort?

Millarkie Sun 23-Sep-07 17:57:38

I asked for some gluten free veggie recipes on here a couple of months or so ago. Try

In the end we did a gluten-free nut roast but that was for a big dinner.

Millarkie Sun 23-Sep-07 17:59:00

Spanish Omelette with salad might be a good lunchtime dish?

twofalls Sun 23-Sep-07 18:18:17

Romano peppers, halved. Mix together feta cheese, halved cherry tomatoes, pine nuts and pesto. Stuff mixture in peppers an bake for about 20-30 minutes. SErve with new pots/bread and salad. Very, very, very yummy and super quick.

twofalls Sun 23-Sep-07 18:20:02

oops, obviously not the bread bit for the gluten free. blush

BroccoliSpears Sun 23-Sep-07 18:27:55

Good link Millarkie. Have had a good read through that. Thank you.

Yes, omelette or stuffed peppers would both be good. Now I'm thinking on the right lines...

Usually I'd not even think twice about what to cook but food is making me so nausious at the mo that I'm stumped.

twofalls Sun 23-Sep-07 18:40:43

Oh yes, I remember that. My guests would have had jacket pots with cheese and beans or gone hungry so well done for being thoughtful!

daisyandbabybootoo Sun 23-Sep-07 18:44:00

i was going to suggest spanish omelette and salad....but see its been done, although as someone with a gluten intolerance you can get a bit sick of omelette tbh

or similar lines with a pastryless quiche (basically a baked omelette)

you can also get lovely gluten free pasta these favourite brand is Salute which you can get in Sainsburys.

but note that gluten isn't just wheat....also rye and barley and usually oats, so be careful of ingredients like soya sauce, wocestershire sauce etc.

there are lots of gluten free recipes available on-line if you google.

BroccoliSpears Sun 23-Sep-07 19:57:50

Good tip daisy - as a veggi I can empathise a little with the too much omelette thing. Plus, old friend has had enormous issues with food in the past and my intuition is whispering to stay away from eggs.

Jacket spuds and posh salad might work... with feta and olives...? Ooh - and a Greekish lentilish ratatouille...? Is that even a meal?

BettySpaghetti Sun 23-Sep-07 20:03:30

DDs friend has to have a gluten free diet -I tend to do baked potatoes with a ratatouille and grated cheese topping (or you could do a chilli bean type filling) or buy some gluten free pasta and serve with a tomato based sauce

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