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Need advice with cooking times and temps please!!

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mosschops30 Sun 23-Sep-07 16:06:25

I am making delias macaroni cheese tonight which normally goes in at 180 for 30 minutes. However I want to put it in the oven before I go out to pick dd up which will be about 40 minutes so how would I work this.

What temp would I put it on at to cook it for 40-45 mins and is it safe to do this?


NAB3 Sun 23-Sep-07 16:07:05


mosschops30 Sun 23-Sep-07 16:31:24

cheers do you think it will be ok?

NAB3 Sun 23-Sep-07 18:04:52

TBH I don't know. What about putting tin foil on the top so it doesn't burn.

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