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dobbyssoc Wed 10-Jun-20 13:31:05

What does everyone do with halloumi?

I have a block that needs to be used but don't know what to do with it. We normally just grill it to have with burgers etc but we need to make a main meal of it. Any ideas?

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Letthemysterybe Wed 10-Jun-20 13:34:48

I roast onions, peppers and other veg and seasonings until soft then add a tin of chickpeas and tomatoes and sliced Haloumi on top and return to the oven until nice and bubbling. Serve with cous cous, yoghurt and a salad.

dobbyssoc Wed 10-Jun-20 13:35:50

Would've been helpful to say what I have in!

Pizza base
Breaded chicken
Spring rolls
Garlic bread

Shopping isn't delivered until tomorrow so that's all I've got.

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AtleastitsnotMonday Wed 10-Jun-20 13:44:57

Any veg?

dobbyssoc Wed 10-Jun-20 13:46:22

@AtleastitsnotMonday nope. We used the last of it yesterday.

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Haffdonga Wed 10-Jun-20 13:49:02

Got this recipe from MN. Tis delicious.

Cashew Nut Curry with Halloumi
•2 tbsp Butter
•250 g Halloumì cubed
•1 400g tìn Coconut Mìlk
•115 g Cashews
•500 g Passata
•1 Onìon dìced
•3 cloves Garlìc crushed
•1 thumb-sìzed pìece Gìnger grated
•2 tbsp Curry Powder
•2 tbsp Garam Masala
•2 tsp Curry Paste
•1/2 tsp Turmerìc
•1 tsp Cayenne Pepper
•1 head Broccolì cut ìnto florets and cooked
•Bunch Corìander chopped


1.Blend the cashew nuts with the tin of coconut milk in a food processor until smooth. Add the passata and the yoghurt and blend again. Add a little water if needed to loosen the mixture.
2.To a big pot melt the rest of the butter and add the onion, garlic and ginger. Cook until softened, about 5 minutes. Add all the spices and the curry paste and cook until fragrant, a minute or so. Pour in the cashew nut mixture and bring to the boil. Add the halloumi and broccoli to the sauce and serve with rice, coriander and cashew nuts.

Youngatheart00 Wed 10-Jun-20 13:49:55

Sorry not got any recipe suggestions but just to say I loooooooove Halloumi!

Haffdonga Wed 10-Jun-20 13:49:59

Sorry, doesn't work with your ingredients but for future reference...

dobbyssoc Wed 10-Jun-20 13:51:02

@Haffdonga that sounds lovey. One to add to the list!

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karmakameleon Wed 10-Jun-20 14:00:27

Nigella has a very simple recipe for grilled halloumi with just red chilli, lemon and honey. Maybe have that with some garlic bread.

PopcornAndWine Wed 10-Jun-20 14:09:49

massistar Wed 10-Jun-20 14:11:56

We do it on the griddle and have in wraps with houmous, spinach and grated carrots.

PorpentiaScamander Wed 10-Jun-20 14:13:04

@Haffdonga that sounds amazing ! How spicy is it? DS1 won't eat spicy food, he will eat korma but would rather not. Obvs I can use less spices if needed.

Elouera Wed 10-Jun-20 14:19:20

My favourite summer luncheon or dinner is watermelon salad. Its a sweet/salty/nutty combination and very simply, but delicious:

Cut watermelon into 1-2cm cubes and sit in a colander to drain
Grill or dry fry halloumi slices till just brown. Chop into 1-2cm cubes
Toast pinenuts till lightly brown
Blanch green beans and chop into 1-2cm lengths

Mix together and that's it! You can add more/less nuts to taste. I've seen recipes that add mint too, but I feel this takes over the other flavours.

twilightcafe Wed 10-Jun-20 14:24:31

Use in a curry instead of paneer cheese, which can be bland.
Brown it first, though.

iwilltaketwoplease Wed 10-Jun-20 14:45:05

Put it on a pizza ?

If you've got flower make some wraps and have with the chicken.

Grill it all and have with chips and the chicken.

MunsteadWood Wed 10-Jun-20 14:48:38

This doesn't work with your ingredients list but for next time this recipe is delicious and really easy:

Asparagus is best IMO but it also works with green beans (even frozen ones are fine), peas, broccoli etc. Yum.

SallyWD Wed 10-Jun-20 15:05:01

Google a recipe for taboulleh, grill the halloumi and serve it on top of the tabbouleh. It's divine!

LusciousV Wed 10-Jun-20 15:20:37

Cut the block of halloumi into fingers, wrap each one in bacon and fry 😋 roast mixed peppers and tomatoes and stick a baked potato on the side - delish 👌

FruChoc Wed 10-Jun-20 16:25:16

Erm if no veg or salad in I'd prob just chuck the haloumi in the freezer for another day (freezes fine) and have something else of your list of avalible foods...

dobbyssoc Wed 10-Jun-20 16:29:55

@FruChoc I never realised it freezes. Brilliant that makes it much easier!

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apric0t Wed 10-Jun-20 16:32:59

We're veggie and we fry it up in a bit of fajita seasoning and have it along with peppers and onions, salsa and sour cream in wraps. So flipping good!!!

FruChoc Wed 10-Jun-20 16:36:03

Yup i keep a few packets in the freezer for emergency burgers or we quite often have it as a side in a cooked breakfast (or I eat half a pack doused in chili and lemon for my dinner.....)

GuyFawkesDay Wed 10-Jun-20 16:46:16

Roasting tin recipe:

500gm squash, chopped into 1cm cubes
A large aubergine, chopped same
250gm halloumi, cubed
Couple of tablespoon oil and some fresh mint leaves. Mix to coat veg in the oil.

Bake for 45 mins.

Add 200gm bulgar wheat and 400ml veg stock. Cover with foil and return to oven for 25 minutes. Scatter more fresh mint.

It is absolutely delicious. And even nicer as a cold salad but it rarely makes it to the next day in my house.

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