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Meals that teenagers love

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HopeInTheDark Wed 10-Jun-20 10:44:51

Enlighten me with some fresh and new ideas of meals that your teenagers like! I'm stuck in a rut, ran out of ideas and they still want to eat every day! smile

To start the thread off, our favourites are:

baked potatoes with beans and cheese
pasta carbonara
roast chicken
spaghetti bolognese
chilli corn carne
curry rice with peas and broccoli
cauliflower cheese

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StrawberryJam200 Wed 10-Jun-20 10:47:10

Great idea for a thread!

Anything in a wrap (well, slight exaggeration, but it definitely helps with my two!)

ChaoticCatling Wed 10-Jun-20 10:48:46

Jerk chicken with rice and peas
Curry, various coconut milk based curries and jalfrezi, rogan josh and so on

sleepismysuperpower1 Wed 10-Jun-20 10:51:43

tortilla pizza (recipe)mac and cheese slices ([[ recipe)
chicken drumsticks and mash (recipe)
stovies (recipe)

Lightsabre Wed 10-Jun-20 10:53:35

Yours are more adventurous than my ds!

He likes; roast chicken with peri-peri sauce in wraps (with rice in the wrap too).

Most fish baked or fried with parsley.

Prawns sautéed in garlic, ginger and chilli.

Any roast dinner.

Burgers topped with a bacon slice and mushrooms.

Bread muffins with toppings ie; cheese or hard boiled eggs or scrambled eggs.

Chicken curry.

Steak pie ( M and S one).

All usually accompanied by pasta, potatoes or rice. Likes quite a few veg.

Snacks on sourdough toast, crumpets, fruit, Italian flatbreads and a sweet treat if he feels like it.

Lightsabre Wed 10-Jun-20 10:54:40

How could I forget pizza! Likes a large margarita and adds basil, chilli dressing and pesto!

Ninkanink Wed 10-Jun-20 10:55:03

Do you make various leftover dishes with your chilli? It’s my favourite meal for easy, quick secondary/third/fourth meals.

Big batch of chilli - first day eaten with rice and a fresh salad.

- nachos - chilli layered up with tortilla chips and lots of cheese, avocado, salsa and sour cream on the side

- burritos - chilli, cheese and Mexican rice wrapped up in tortilla wraps, brushed with oil, sprinkled with paprika and baked til crisp, pico de gallo on the side

- quesadillas - small amount of chilli, plenty of cheese and some refried beans in between two tortilla wraps, fried til crispy and melty inside, then cut into wedges

formerbabe Wed 10-Jun-20 10:55:08

Sweet and sour chicken with noodles or rice

ilovemydogandMrObama Wed 10-Jun-20 10:55:23

Turkey panko/egg noodles
Sausage pasta
Tacos - make your own

Subway type sandwiches

Mintjulia Wed 10-Jun-20 11:03:46

Red & yellow peppers stuffed with sausage meat. Takes 5 mins to prepare, 30 mins in the oven.

guineapig1 Wed 10-Jun-20 11:14:44

Pizza (homemade or shop)
Bbq pulled pork with brioche buns and coleslaw
Chicken/Beef/Prawn stirfry
Tuna and sweetcorn pasta bake
Chicken, ham and leek pie or cumble
Savoury crepes or pancakes with cream cheese, ham, spinach combo

Ninkanink Wed 10-Jun-20 11:16:41

I do the same thing with chicken -

Cook double amount of roast

- chicken Ceasar salad with crusty bread on the side

- stir fry with veg and noodles (or egg fried rice)

- braised lettuce and peas with slices of breast gently warmed through in the broth, served over rice (or with potatoes in the broth)

- chicken pieces submerged in water to warm through in the oven whilst med veg (tomato, peppers, courgette, red onion, garlic) is roasting, then stirred through peri peri sauce, then mixed into couscous along with all the veg

- warm chicken pasta salad with pesto and veg

Char1ey Wed 10-Jun-20 11:19:17

Chicken & Pasta
Chicken & Rice
Roast dinner
Tuna Pasta Bake
Piri Piri Chicken / Nando’s Chicken

Ninkanink Wed 10-Jun-20 11:19:23

Also traybakes are brilliant. If you look it up there and loads and loads of very easy and quick recipes.

LBOCS2 Wed 10-Jun-20 11:32:01

Chicken katsu curry, using the Wagamamas recipe - it's a sure fire winner in our household, the teen is extremely picky and it's his favourite (plus the littlies will eat it without the curry gravy).

iloveredwine Wed 10-Jun-20 11:51:51

Fajitas, chilli, tacos, salmon rice and salad, pasta with tomato and chilli sauce with smoked sausage, pizza, breaded chicken wraps, toad in the hole and roast

PorpentiaScamander Wed 10-Jun-20 11:58:16

DS2 loves curry/chilli/fajitas basically anything spicy. Soup and crusty bread. Bacon pasta bake, chicken bake (these are the only meals I use jars for).

DS1 loves pizza, spinach and ricotta tortellini.

They both love fish pie, tuna pasta, kedgeree, sausage and mash, burgers, egg fried rice with chinese style curry for ds2 and tempura prawns for ds1.

AtleastitsnotMonday Wed 10-Jun-20 13:15:54

Ask them to look at menus from different favourite restaurants and pick dishes they would like to try to replicate at home.

Favourites that haven’t been mentioned yet
chicken, pepper and pineapple skewers
Pasta arabiata
Macaroni cheese
Sweet chilli prawn with stir fried veg and noodles
Falafel and pita
Puff pastry tarts
Halloumi in ciabatta with salad

HopeInTheDark Wed 10-Jun-20 13:16:32

@guineapig1 do you make pulled pork yourself? shock

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Divoc2020 Wed 10-Jun-20 13:21:27

Gammon, egg , chips and peas
Toad in the hole
chicken or prawn jambalaya
stir fries

LonnyVonnyWilsonFrickett Wed 10-Jun-20 13:26:05

Fajitas and tacos - anything wrapped is basically OK. He doesn't like spice so I use paprika/cumin/cinnamon for the spice mix.

Pregnant Jool's pasta from an ancient Jamie Oliver book.

Roast chicken/chicken pasta the next day.

Good old beans on toast which has been something of a lockdown lunch saviour.

PorpentiaScamander Wed 10-Jun-20 13:27:08

@HopeInTheDark I make bbq pulled gammon. It's a slimming world recipe and is super easy! I assume I could swap the gammon for pork.

HopeInTheDark Wed 10-Jun-20 13:59:26

Thanks! Will give it a go. Never done it before but love the idea!

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strugglingwithdeciding Wed 10-Jun-20 14:07:31

I wish my oldest dh lives on chicken and Nando sauce and the occasional pizza and a bowl of cereal
Luckily my youngest is more adventitious and loves pasta and shepherds pie and things like that but can't convince him to try curry yet I know he would like it if he tried

PorpentiaScamander Wed 10-Jun-20 14:08:22
This is the recipe i use. I don't usually bother with the sweetener though.

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