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Please tell me if this will be gross

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Christmascookiesmmmm Tue 09-Jun-20 09:03:25

Smoked salmon black bean stir fry?
Got a pack of smoked salmon that needs used, and I used to loooove smoked salmon with pasta in white sauce when I was little but partner hates anything in white sauce.. but we used to get a lovely salmon stir fry at a cafe once which he loved so I thought I may try that?! However not been able to get hold of any soy sauce so I’m assuming I can’t make sauce from scratch , just got a blue dragon black bean stir fry sauce in cupboard.. so was thinking noodles, smoked salmon, mushrooms, spring onions and black bean sauce!? Maybe add an extra bit of garlic? I’m not used to trying stuff I can’t even base loosely around a recipe on the internet and there’s no salmon black bean stir fry on the internet so I’m wondering if that’s cause it’s something you should not do 😆

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handbagsatdawn33 Tue 09-Jun-20 11:26:24

Not sure about this. I wouldn't use soy sauce anyway because the salmon will be salty .
I might have tried with black beans as the salt needs to washed off first.
I've never used the sachets, but check the salt content.

Have you searched for ss + pasta?

RedRed9 Tue 09-Jun-20 11:28:42

Are you sure the salmon stir fry from the cafe was made with smoked salmon? I think you might need to google recipes!

Ninkanink Tue 09-Jun-20 11:30:23

Just have smoked salmon with scrambled eggs on toast.

(I don’t think it will work, sorry)

Ninkanink Tue 09-Jun-20 11:31:04

Oh and smoked salmon freezes very well, so you could just freeze it if you don’t know what to do with it right now.

LinemanForTheCounty Tue 09-Jun-20 11:38:24

When you say "white sauce" do you mean he won't eat any sauce of that colour or that he just doesn't like the heavy flour+butter+milk type of sauce? Tbh I wouldn't like that with smoked salmon either but I'd like a white coloured sauce type meal eg pasta with flaked smoked salmon, crème fraiche, lemon juice and maybe a bit of Philadelphia type cream cheese all beaten together stirred through. I wouldn't do smoked salmon with black bean sauce either - maybe it was fresh salmon you had that time?

Puddlejuice Tue 09-Jun-20 11:38:50

Sounds horrible, don't waste the salmon on that monstrosity.

Ninkanink Tue 09-Jun-20 11:42:29

Ohhh you could easily make a smoked salmon mousse or páté! It’s beautiful on crackers or on toast or on bread. Even better with a super quick cucumber pickle!

Or you could make fishcakes, if you have potatoes to hand.

There are lots of options other than making up a strange stir fry (in the kindest way possible).

Ninkanink Tue 09-Jun-20 11:44:18

Oh also is it smoked salmon or hot smoked salmon? Because that would make a difference...

If it’s hot smoked salmon I would probably just flake it (does that work as a verb??) into a pasta salad, maybe with broccoli.

maxelly Tue 09-Jun-20 11:52:52

I don't think it will be gross or inedible exactly but smoked salmon doesn't really 'go' in a stir fry for me, the texture of smoked salmon is completely different to normal salmon fillet (I would worry it will go slimy if cooked), and I think you'll lose the delicate smokey flavour as it will be overwhelmed by the sauce. If you do want to try (and who knows, it may be delicious), I'd cook your vegetables, noodles and sauce as normal, and only add the salmon right at the end so as to not 'cook' it too much.

I think if I was you I would either save the salmon for breakfasts/lunches and eat it with scrambled eggs, in sandwiches or as it is with some salad, or if you really want it for dinner I'd stick with your original pasta idea. It doesn't have to be a white/creamy sauce, you could do something along these lines?

Ninkanink Tue 09-Jun-20 11:57:38

If it’s hot smoked salmon it could possibly work in the stir fry.

delilahbucket Tue 09-Jun-20 12:00:30

I wouldn't use smoked salmon in a stir-fry and certainly not with a black bean sauce. My favourite thing is either with scrambled eggs, chives and bagels, in a risotto or in a salad.

Ninkanink Tue 09-Jun-20 12:03:12

(Btw I mean that as in salmon that has been hot smoked, not typical smoked salmon that is hot...)

Ihaventgottimeforthis Tue 09-Jun-20 12:07:57

Just open the fridge door and eat the salmon, then think about dinner later.

Nitpickpicnic Tue 09-Jun-20 12:08:55

I think your main problem will be the texture. It’s just wrong for stir fry. And the saltiness. Wrong kind.

But some lovely ideas on this thread, i second the ‘whiz it into a paste’ on toast, or the pasta.

Or a fancy scandi open sandwich thingo. Preferably with horseradish and watercress. And avocado.

jeffrey8T Tue 09-Jun-20 16:48:35

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niknac1 Wed 10-Jun-20 09:57:40

I make smoked salmon pate with some black pepper, lemon juice, I always use the long life lemon juice from a bottle and full fat cream cheese from Lidl. It keeps well in the fridge and is lovely on toasted bagels, on rolls , toast. It’s very easy to make just chop salmon into smallish pieces and mash everything together in a bowl.

cdtaylornats Wed 10-Jun-20 17:18:16

Toast two bagel halves, fry a slice of smoked salmon, put it on the bagel.

CatBatCat Sun 14-Jun-20 11:28:53

Not sure about black bean but teriyaki salmon stir fry is lovely

mocktail Sun 14-Jun-20 11:31:53

I wouldn't cook smoked salmon personally as it's a waste - the colour andd texture become more like normal salmon. Eat the salmon cold with brown bread and Philadelphia, and use something else in the stir fry.

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