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Stand back sourdough, it's all about the bagels!

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huffaloopa Mon 08-Jun-20 12:03:01

I am working through my culinary bucket list and have currently got a brisket in the brine on it's way to becoming salt beef and yesterday I practiced my bagels. I found the recipe from Beigel Bakes (my inspiration) and ohhhhh myyyyy! As different from the packet bagels as value sliced white is from an artisan sourdough loaf. So, so good!

They were amazing straight from the oven but just had one, toasted with cream cheese and smoked salmon.

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huffaloopa Mon 08-Jun-20 12:04:58

I meant to add the recipe I used, I've used Paul Hollywood's in the past and they were just mahhh but this is the real deal

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