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food for birthday party in a museum at lunchtime

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SSSandy2 Fri 21-Sep-07 11:53:36

Dd is having her 7th birthday in a museum next Sat. They spend 3 hours there going round a bit, making things and the idea was it was to be in the afternoon and I take cake and drinks. Now it has to be from 11.30-2.30 so they'll need lunch. What can I take with me?

I have to carry it right through the museum to the room they're using, can't heat anything up and there is no fridge. I don't think they'll eat much really but apart from cake and drinks, not sure what else to take.

SSSandy2 Fri 21-Sep-07 11:54:20

My experience of birthday parties at home has been they don't eat anything including the cake!

mishymoo Fri 21-Sep-07 11:55:22

Cold sausage rolls
cheese and pineapple sticks
cooked cocktail sausages
cold pizza
you could make fruit skewers

SSSandy2 Fri 21-Sep-07 11:58:31

that's quite a lot, I wasn't planning on putting too much work into it really. See I need to re-think it

mishymoo Fri 21-Sep-07 12:05:00

LOL - wasn't suggesting you did all of that - just some ideas.

MaureenMLove Fri 21-Sep-07 12:07:52

What sort of museum is it? Just a thought, but if it was something like the Natural History, you could have dinosaur sweets or crisps, just to keep in with the theme.

SSSandy2 Fri 21-Sep-07 12:10:26

No, sadly the dinasour one is booked out a year in advance at the moment. That's the one I wanted. They're making counterfeit money.

I could be very clever and make a cake that looks like a banknote or something. Good thinking, those foil covered coins maybe. THey'll need a bit of normal half-way healthy lunch-type stuff though so they don't get all hyper and go beserk in there.

admylin Fri 21-Sep-07 15:49:48

We once went to a party in a forest and the dc got little lunch bags with a couple of different sandwiches (egg in one, tuna in other) and a bunch of grapes, a drink in a carton and a little bag of crisps and then the birthday cake on a picnic table. It was just right and all of the dc ate everything up. As you say they don't eat much usually and you could just hand them each a bag.

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