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Does anyone have advise on how to teach a 21 month old how to chew food.

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emsuju Thu 20-Sep-07 21:22:39

I'm new to this web site so forgive me if I waffle.
However My 21 month old Daughter is still not chewing her food she tries to swallow everything no matter what goes into her mouth as a result she makes herself sick & gets upset, I have tried to do the chewing movements myself by eating food, in order for her to copy me - but she won't do it with food in her mouth.
She also will not tip her beaker up to drink she doesn't seem to grasp the idea that you have to tip to get a drink.
Surely at this age she should be feeding herself & drinking properly from a beaker.
Any advise please help...

AZmom Thu 20-Sep-07 21:34:01

Babes will learn all this on their own.I don`t think you can teach them to chew or drink from a beaker.You can put the beaker up to her mouth every time you want her to drink, there is a little training with drinking.21 mos. is still young,& babes don`t come with an instruction book.Some are faster than others at learning.Be patient, don`t show anger, that is the worse thing.Even if you feel like smacking them

terramum Thu 20-Sep-07 22:17:48

Has she got her molars yet? My DS didn't really start chewing until a month or so after he got his first set of 4 molars. Before that he tended to just swallow stuff.

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