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Anyone have a suggestion? Sugar/salt free cereal!

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sweetboy Thu 20-Sep-07 19:38:44

*really interesting* I know! But I want an alternative to ready brek as dd has got bored with it. Anyone know any "adult" cereals with no salt or sugar or at least LOW s&s. Also, I would prefer one that she can do finger food styley.
Tnaks very much!

tassisssss Thu 20-Sep-07 19:41:05

you can do mini shredded wheat/mini wheatabix finger food style...think you get them raisin filled too

i can't imagine they have much salt/sugar, but could be wrong

sweetboy Thu 20-Sep-07 19:44:07

Thanks! Any one else??

princessmel Thu 20-Sep-07 19:45:22

I was going to say the same as tassiss smile

chocolateshoes Thu 20-Sep-07 19:58:58

You can get puffed rice and puffed wheat in Sainsburies. Kallo do organic puffed rice (in the health foods aisle) and the puffed wheat is Sainsburies own brand (in the cereals aisle). Both super low in sugar & salt. DS loves both and frequently has them dry as a mid-morning snack.

He also loves Sainsburies apricot or cranberry wheats which are as Tass says mini shredded wheat with a filling. However these do have some sugar in.

His latest favourite is Weehtabix which he ofetn eats with his fingers dinking it into his bowl of milk.

midnightexpress Fri 21-Sep-07 20:49:46

Cow and Gate have started doing 'toddler cereals' - a rip-off, no doubt, but things like crispies and hoop-a-loops, with no added sugar or salt.

Mine also eat porridge made with porridge oats and a banana mashed in (not exactly finger food), or uncooked oats with plain yogurt and fruit of some kind. Or could dd have toast instead from time to time, or little pancakes (the thick American style ones which could be good finger food - she could have them with a bit of honey and/or sliced banana on top).

Also try health food stores for cereals like millet rice - not sure if it has sugar/salt, you'd have to check.

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