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Curry with squash, sweet potatoes & chickpeas?

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KTeePee Thu 20-Sep-07 17:19:18

I had this at a friend's house a while back and it was great...trying to get dh to eat more veg and as he likes curries thought I would try to recreate it...

I could have a go at making it up as I go along by adapting another recipe but wondered if anyone had come across a "real" recipe?

(Friend lives abroad btw so not easy to get the recipe off her...)


filthymindedvixen Thu 20-Sep-07 17:32:53

I haven't got a 'real' recipe,
but for a basic curry base, I'd heat oil, add half tspn cumin, ground coriander, paprkia, tumeric, cayenne or real chilli if you have one. Add clove garlic/lazy garlic, salt and pepper, add veg, tinned toms, half a glass of water, simmer down. Taste and adjust seasoning of required, (pinch of sugar helps with any sharpness.
You could also add some coconut milk if you like a creamy, sweet taste.

KTeePee Thu 20-Sep-07 20:38:10

Thanks, think I just about have all the spices!

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