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Caster sugar going rock hard in the cupboard

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opalescent Wed 13-May-20 11:33:15

It happens every time 🤦🏻‍♀️. I come to use it and the whole bag has set rock hard.

I bake reasonably frequently, so it's not sitting in the cupboard for months at a time?

How can I prevent this? Many thanks 😊

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lastqueenofscotland Wed 13-May-20 11:34:51

I suspect it’s not quite dry enough. Could any condensation, say from a kettle be getting to it?

Ginfordinner Wed 13-May-20 11:35:46

It will be due to damp.

Hercwasonaroll Wed 13-May-20 11:36:54

It's getting wet somehow. Probably just a bit damp rather than soaking. But it's definitely wetness.

CatChant Wed 13-May-20 11:40:32

Damp, I would think.

Can you try storing it in an airtight container?

PerditaProvokesEnmity Wed 13-May-20 11:41:18

Yup. Damp somewhere.

If it were just once then perhaps someone put a not completely dry spoon in the bag. But if it's always then it's almost certainly the conditions in which it's being kept.

Unless there's some rare and unusual fault with your supplier ...

Clevererthanyou Wed 13-May-20 11:41:50

I put mine in biodegradable bags and tie a loose knot, no damp and no solid blocks.

Mintjulia Wed 13-May-20 11:43:49

You could keep it in an airtight storage jar instead. That should solve the problem.

Spam88 Wed 13-May-20 12:30:17

Transfer to a tub or jar, or put the bag inside a plastic bag.

Pandoraslastchance Wed 13-May-20 12:39:50

I read that putting a marshmallow in the bag will stop it clumping/being damp but I've not tried it myself.

IpanemaGallina Wed 13-May-20 12:45:06

Put some in a bowl in the microwave with a wet piece of kitchen roll over the top. Keeping stopping microwave every 20 secs until it’s soft enough to use.

I only have this with brown sugar rather than caster sugar.

opalescent Wed 13-May-20 13:29:28

Ahh interesting!!! Funnily enough the kettle does sit directly below that cupboard. I will try an airtight jar for storage. Thanks all!

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