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Please give me your easy and delicious chorizo recipes!

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farmertom Sun 10-May-20 11:57:23

I have some chorizo and I am craving it!
Please give me some delicious recipes, preferably easy!

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Ninkanink Sun 10-May-20 11:59:32

I’d do a chicken and chorizo stew, either with butter beans or paella rice. Lots of garlic, maybe some greens or Savoy cabbage, or spinach.

kitk Sun 10-May-20 11:59:43

Tray bake. Chicken thighs, Charlotte potatoes cut small, chorizo and paprika. Stick on a tray, cover with a bit of olive oil and cook for 30 minutes. If you use a different potato you may need to par boil for a short time first to make sure they cook through. I usually have a green salad with it

Ninkanink Sun 10-May-20 12:01:02

Or, if you have celeriac, maybe a variation on this recipe which was recommended to me recently and which I really fancy!

Ninkanink Sun 10-May-20 12:01:24

Oh link didn’t make it!

Toomanycats99 Sun 10-May-20 12:02:21

Frittata type omelette. Potato o iron chorizo and eggs. Oh and loads of cheese on top

ifoughtforliberty Sun 10-May-20 12:02:31

Not that exciting but one the kids like. I fry it off in a pan with onions and peppers. Throw some sweet corn in and then add to gnocchi and mix it all up - serve with a green salad.

I also use it in fajitas, or in a pasta bake. Add a tin of plum tomatoes to a pan, add in a load of mozzarella and keep stirring til it melts into a tomatoey cheesey sauce. Add a few handfuls of spinach, stir in cooked pasta and chorizo. Pop in a Dish top with more mozzarella and stick under the grill to brown.

Creas35 Sun 10-May-20 12:02:53

I had chorizo and cheese on toast for breakfast as was craving that!! Also did some with spaghetti, cheese sauce and salmon added some nice flavour to the sauce !

totallynotchanging Sun 10-May-20 12:05:24

Feisty tapas is a big chorizo fan, if you happen to have an instant pot.

mateysmum Sun 10-May-20 12:11:39

Delia's Chicken Basque. A complete meal in itself and delicious.

farmertom Sun 10-May-20 12:17:30

Thank you everyone, these are mouthwatering 🤤🤤🤤
Hope I'm not pregnant again because this craving is insane!

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bluechameleon Sun 10-May-20 12:17:50

We do prawn and chorizo kebabs. Onions, peppers, mushrooms, corn on the cob (pre cook the corn), raw king prawns and chunks of chorizo, then everyone makes up their own kebab and you cook them under the grill for a few minutes. Serve with garlic butter and rice.

farmertom Sun 10-May-20 12:18:34

@ifoughtforliberty I think I'll do the pasta bake it sounds amazing and my kids love a pasta bake

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IDefinitelyHaveFriends Sun 10-May-20 12:19:50

Just cooked in with scrambled eggs on crusty bread is great.
Or fried up with onions, chickpeas, cavolo nero and a tin of tomatoes.

Chewbecca Sun 10-May-20 12:20:18

Delia’s chicken basque linked above is a fabulous dish.

For something in 10 mins, bbc good food’s spaghetti with Spanish flavours is good.

Or I often just fry it up and serve as tapas with fresh bread & anything else we fancy - aioli, padron peppers, Spanish omelette etc.

Chewbecca Sun 10-May-20 12:21:15

Or Delia’s chorizo hash is also lovely.

CuppaZa Sun 10-May-20 12:21:45

Open. Slice. Eat grin

Sorry, no extra ideas, PP have all given good ideas

farmertom Sun 10-May-20 12:21:50

Oh so delicious ideas, loving the kebabs and fried on crusty bread!
Keep them coming

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ifoughtforliberty Sun 10-May-20 12:25:50


I dug our the quantities for you

170g pasta, 1 tin plum tomatoes, 140g mozzarella, 125g Parmesan, 2tbsp fresh basil and 2 handfuls of spinach.

I add half of both the cheeses to the tomatoes and then chuck the other half on top.

ifoughtforliberty Sun 10-May-20 12:26:50

Plus the chorizo obvs grin150g !

Ninkanink Sun 10-May-20 12:36:12

Oh yes Delia’s basque chicken is delicious.

Chelsea26 Sun 10-May-20 12:40:47

This is lovely

P1nkHeartLovesCake Mon 11-May-20 16:21:39

Butter bean and chorizo stew

You will need;
As much chorizo as you like ( dice it up, if it’s not pre diced) the more you use the better!
1 chilli 🌶 ( you can leave out if you don’t like heat)
Smoked paprika
Black pepper
1 onion
2 peppers ( any colour)
Garlic/garlic purée
2 tins of butter beans
1 x chopped tomatoes or passsta
Tom purée
200ml red wine ( I give this recipe to my dc despite the wine, I saw you have dc and didn’t know if the wine would be an issue)

Chop the onion, dice the chorizo, garlic ( if your not using garlic purée like lazy me) and chilli ( if your using) Put them in a pan together to cook on a medium heat for a while. You want all that smokey juice to come out the chorizo so it needs to cook a while

Then chop and add the peppers, let them cook down a while

Add the wine, give that 5 minutes then add the chopped tomatoes/passata, 2 tea spoons smoked paprika, black pepper, 1 tea spoon oregano, 2 tea spoons tom purée

Leave that to simmer for 15 minutes. Then add butter beans for 10 minutes

Serve with crusty bread & butter


Take a puff pasty sheet ( ready made)
Add sliced tomatoes, sliced chorizo, slice mozzarella cheese.
Eat with salad or roasted veg


Add chorizo to an omelette, it’s delicious

user127819 Mon 11-May-20 22:07:05

This recipe is delicious.

TyneTeas Mon 11-May-20 22:10:11

Chopped some chunks of chorizo into homemade burgers at the weekend

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