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What can I have instead of ham?

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Falafellygood Sun 10-May-20 10:07:36

I absolutely love cream cheese and ham wraps. However, I'm phasing out meat as I want go back to being vegetarian.
What can I have instead of ham in a wrap? I usually have it alongside soup or salad so looking for something more protein based. Any ideas? My brain isn't working as I've had about 3 hours sleep smile thanks!

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ludicrouslemons Sun 10-May-20 10:10:37

There's nothing exactly like ham. Go for something tasty with texture, like

Crispy fried onions
Crispy roast chick peas
Pan fried peppers
Toasted seeds
Grated carrot
Fry's veggie polony

Falafellygood Sun 10-May-20 10:13:34

Yes, sorry I didn't explain very well.
O don't mean like ham, I mean something protein based. If I'm having salad alongside, I don't want salad in the wrap as well if you see what I mean smile

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Ricekrispie22 Sun 10-May-20 11:07:37

Egg mayo and cress
Pesto and mozzarella
Feta, olives, tomato and cucumber

emz771 Sun 10-May-20 11:11:49

Halloumi and onion jam, mozzarella and fresh pesto with rocket, goats cheese with fig and honey, egg and mushroom. If you are still eating fish then prawns and avocado or crab meat with lemon and crushed black pepper.

I’m not a veggie - but lots of banging non meat based sandwiches.

AtleastitsnotMonday Sun 10-May-20 11:34:58

If you are still having the cream cheese do you actually need another protein? I normally just go with one protein and accompany with veg.

Do you want to phase out fish as well as the classic would be cream cheese with smoked salmon.

I know there isn’t additional protein but cream cheese with apple, celery and finely chopped pickled gherkins is delicious!

Honeyroar Sun 10-May-20 11:38:14

Halloumi has become a staple in my diet since I went veggie. Although not with cream cheese! Couldn’t you have cream cheese and roasted vegetables? The cream cheese is protein in itself.

itsbetterthanabox Sun 10-May-20 11:43:21

Quorn ham is good.

feliciabirthgiver Sun 10-May-20 11:56:58

Here are some of my favourite wraps: Hummus with grated carrot, peanut butter with sweet chill dipping sauce (sometime some chopped spring onion in there too), grated carrot, grated cheese and a sprinkle of raisins with a little mayo spread on the wrap first - enjoy!

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