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Meal ideas?!

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nonamemummy Sat 09-May-20 15:51:55

Fed up of the same meals, give me some of your favourite meals... cake

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Unravellingslowly Sat 09-May-20 16:07:50

Salmon fillet baked in the oven with Cajun seasoning, mangetout & parmentier potatoes.

BBC good food bacon and leek risotto.

Roasted peppers, onions & mushrooms seasoned with curry powder served with Edwards traditional pork sausage & a jacket potato.

Simply cooks beef stroganoff with horseradish mash-I’ve just ordered another one off box as I’m so fed up with what we eat all the time so we have tandoori chicken with sweet potato fries, Indian spiced burgers, stroganoff and something else arriving shortly.

Chicken tikka masala


Medallions of pork in a pepper cream sauce & mash

Pork loin rashers baked low and slow in the oven in hoisin sauce & wedges or noodles depending on mood.

CuppaZa Sat 09-May-20 16:18:12

Chicken and leek pie with mustard mash and whatever veg takes your fancy

Chilli con carne (thanks Schwartz), pitta, rice, quacomole and nachos

Beef and red wine slow cooker with mash

Morroccan lamb in the slow cooker with couscous

Gammon in coke (slow cooker, can you tell there’s a theme? wink) with parmentier potatoes and veg

Had a good old fry up for dinner the other night which actually went down a storm

Homemade Nando’s with spicy rice, corn on the cob and salad

Jerk chicken and rice and peas with a side salad

Minted lamb kebabs with various salads and rice

Paella, can be done seafood/meat or vegetation

Ricekrispie22 Sat 09-May-20 17:21:05

Stuffed avocado
Egg roll
Cheesy mushrooms

Aubergine parmigiana
Chicken traybake
Salmon traybake
Fish pie
Fried rice
Satay stir fry
Sweet and sour chicken
Prawn and pea risotto

AtleastitsnotMonday Sat 09-May-20 18:49:14

I’m about to put tuna steaks on for proper nicois. If all goes to plan the tuna will be nicely pink and the eggs will have only just set yolks.

GemmeFatale Sat 16-May-20 21:34:42

Burritos with refried beans, Mexican veggie rice, salsa and jalapeños

Pork steaks topped with onions and cheese served with ‘green garlic’ smash (skin on potatoes, kale or other leafy green, spring onion, more cheese/cream/milk basically whatever dairy is to hand and smashed not fully mashed)

SquirtleSquad Sat 16-May-20 21:37:26

Sweet Chilli Salmon with sweet corn fried in soy sauce, chilli and ginger on the side with rice.

(Vegetarian) Toad in the whole with mash, peas and gravy.

Breakfast for dinner is great.

Elouera Sat 16-May-20 21:43:09

Depends what you do/don't like? Do you have children? Veggie/vegan or any allergies? Adventurous or basic cook? Here is my average week but really varies.

- Thai som tam (papaya salad), summer rolls and green curry
- Chicken thighs in a KFC like coating, baked with veggies or a salad
- Tuna or salmon pasta bake
- Lasagne, moussaka or pasta with salad and garlic bread
- Tagine or shakshuka
- Roast chicken for sunday roast, which is then used in a chicken/noodle soup or chicken/sweet corn Chinese soup
- Fajitas made with mince or chicken strips
- Roast pork sunday roast then left overs used in a pork stir fry

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