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Baking with whisky?

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HavartitoMeetYou Wed 06-May-20 17:54:42

Hi all,

I’d like to bake something nice for my best friend’s birthday. He loves single malt.

Does anyone have recipes, or suggestions for baked goods that have whisky in them? Is that a good idea? I’ve made fireball brownies before, was thinking some kind of biscuit maybe?

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AdaColeman Wed 06-May-20 18:07:18

You might get more of a whiskey taste if you made something that was soaked in a whiskey syrup at the end of cooking, a whiskey baba instead of a rum baba for instance, or a marmalade or fruit cake that you “fed” with whiskey for a few days after cooking?
Or you could beat whiskey into butter cream to fill a coffee sponge.
Hope you find something suitable! cake cake cake

AdaColeman Wed 06-May-20 18:12:16

Oh, I see you mention biscuits. How about Bero Coffee Kisses sandwiched together with whiskey butter cream?

CatChant Wed 06-May-20 18:19:49

This recipe for barmbrack?

Very easy and tastes delicious.

MonsteraCheeseplant Wed 06-May-20 18:21:12

I was going to suggest Rum baba except with Whiskey. You can inject/soak any cake with it.

SummerHouse Wed 06-May-20 18:23:56

There's a Nigella recipe for whisky, baileys and white choc cheesecake. It's divine.

handbagsatdawn33 Wed 06-May-20 18:55:45

I love single malts too, & if someone used it in cooking I'd be barely able to say "thank you" through my sobs at the waste.
Use bog-standard whisky.

I notice that some of the suggestions use Irish whiskey, they might be better.

moobar Wed 06-May-20 18:59:49

Raspberry cranachan is a whisky cream pudding we have quite a lot here. (Scotland).

Whisky fudge? Or tablet?

Malysh Wed 06-May-20 19:12:46

I love single malt as well and to echo a pp, please please don't bake with it. Use decent blended whisky (the famous grouse is almost too good but would do the trick).

About ideas, whisky baba is a good one (or any other cake that can be bathed in hard liquor).

I would advise against whisky biscuit as you most likely won't feel the taste of whisky.

Flambéed crêpes could work but he'd have to eat them when you make them.

Another option might be to make a whisky ganache or cream that you'd use in a layer cake or as icing.

Another option might be baked custard flan (not sure what it's called exactly in english, in french it'd be "flan parisien"). I know this kind of cake is awesome with rhum and raisins so it might work with whisky.

Or maybe some kind of trifle or pannacotta with whisky ?

Malysh Wed 06-May-20 19:14:13

Meant to add - in order to really feel the taste I think you'd have to put in a fair amount of whisky so you want a cake that would handle the additional moisture. This is why biscuits or cookies wouldn't work.

RaininSummer Wed 06-May-20 19:15:15

I made a wonderful whisky and walnut cake at christmas

I doubled the recipe as it didn't seem enough mixture for a decent size came but might be fine as a gift cake. It was lush.

Malysh Wed 06-May-20 19:17:24

I did a quick Google search out of curiosity and apparently orange and whisky jam is a thing, that could be a nice alternative as well.

Malysh Wed 06-May-20 19:19:37

Also - whiskey cheesecake ?

Damn, now I wanna try it !

ParkheadParadise Wed 06-May-20 19:21:18

The best way to have whisky is in a glass with ice🤣🤣

SummerHouse Wed 06-May-20 19:24:04

@malysh that cheesecake could make you weep. It's the nicest cheesecake I have ever had.

HavartitoMeetYou Wed 06-May-20 19:41:05

Ah thank you all so much!!

I think the only option is to make ALL of them to test, and use the best.

And don’t worry, plan was to bake with a blend then have a little bottle of single malt as an accompaniment. smile

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MonsteraCheeseplant Wed 06-May-20 20:51:59

Very sensible idea. Just proves what a dedicated baker and good friend you are wink

JessicaDay Fri 08-May-20 00:20:01


DateLoaf Fri 08-May-20 11:46:24

Something uncooked would be great to keep the flavour. I love cranachan as PP suggested or you can use whisky in a tiramisu instead of sweet liqueur. Whisky in orange marmalade is also delicious and I guess they add the whisky in after its cooked, so you could try adding it to some normal marmalade for a present.

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