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Need quick tea for dds tonight

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cardy Mon 17-Sep-07 15:58:56

DD1 is going to after school sports thing and DD2 is staying late at nursery. I'll pick them up at 5pm (home by 5.15) and they will be VERY hungry. What can I give them that is very quick, filling and tasty (and relatively heathly)?

DrNortherner Mon 17-Sep-07 16:00:01

scrambled egg on toast?
Beans on toast?
Beans and jecket potato?

CountessDracula Mon 17-Sep-07 16:00:43

jecket potato pmsl

you sound very posh

cardy Mon 17-Sep-07 16:02:25

They're not keen on beans - could do tuna/mayo.

Scootergrrrl Mon 17-Sep-07 16:02:26

Chicken strips (slice chicken breast, fry in olive oil and chicken oxo cube), mash and veg.
Boil the potatoes now then they'll be ready to mash when you get home.

MorocconOil Mon 17-Sep-07 16:02:31

My DC always eat pasta with grated cheese or cheese sauce mixed in. You could give them chopped cucumber, tomatoes and sweetcorn on the side to make it more healthy.

DrNortherner Mon 17-Sep-07 16:04:47

Jecket potato is french CD. D o you not serve them to your dd? wink

cardy Mon 17-Sep-07 16:05:31

Nice idea scooter girl but that would take me at least 30 mins (faffing around!), another night maybe.

I'm still at work!

cardy Mon 17-Sep-07 16:06:03

I've got fresh pasta so that could be quick

Quootiepie Mon 17-Sep-07 16:06:49

beans/eggs/waffles - had the same dilemma the other night (vs. a happy meal!)

Mercy Mon 17-Sep-07 16:09:27

Pesto pasta then

Scootergrrrl Mon 17-Sep-07 18:57:50

Too late now but it IS really quick - the chicken takes about five minutes max and you could maybe have noodles instead of mash for speed...
Actually noodles would be better all round (note to self smile)

sallystrawberry Mon 17-Sep-07 19:03:00

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

cardy Tue 18-Sep-07 08:56:04

They had pasta and pesto with ham plus tomatoes, cumcumber and pepper and a slice of buttered bread, followed by an orange each - food on the table within 10 mins of getting in the house. Not bad eh?

pyjamagirl Tue 18-Sep-07 15:11:55

scarmbled egg
boiled egg
tuna pasta and sweetcorn
chipshop ???????????lol

mishymoo Tue 18-Sep-07 15:14:32

Fill a pita bread or wrap with tuna and sweetcorn or cheese

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