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Chicken Casserole?

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MileyWiley Mon 04-May-20 10:25:19


I've chicken thighs (on the bone), carrots, a leek, onions, garlic, mushrooms, tomato purée, chicken stock cubes, new potatoes. Can I throw all this in the slow cooker together? Any suggestions for methods, ingredients to add/ take away? How long to cook for?

Thank you smile

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Unravellingslowly Mon 04-May-20 13:27:45

I don’t have a slow cooker but this recipe gives timings

I’m wanting to get the ingredients to make this

More ideas here

BlingLoving Mon 04-May-20 14:18:39

Absolutely. I'd sautés the onions and leek (chopped) first myself and also fry the thighs to brown them. For flavourings, I'd add fennel seeds and star anise (you could add cinnamon too) and add some white wine to the stock. This makes a slightly sweet flavoured casserole which my kids love. If you have any, add cannellini or butter beans at the end.

Roughly 4 hours on high and 8 hours on low. I'd leave the mushrooms out but that might be me - I'm not a fan of mushrooms in the slow cooker.

BlackForestCake Mon 04-May-20 20:09:16

I say leave out the tomato puree and stock and add a glass of white wine.

BlueBooby Mon 04-May-20 20:21:49

I'd keep the stock in but leave out the tomato purée and the mushrooms (just because I'm not a fan of mushrooms) and agree about adding wine if you have any.

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