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Simple meals for 1 or 2 people, fed up with chicken.

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Lovemusic33 Fri 01-May-20 09:58:33

Fed up ordering the same food every week, dd1 is a fussy eater and has a very restrictive diet, dd2 will try new things but not keen on things in sauces. I mainly live on chicken, some fish and some veggie meals (mainly veggie curry), I’m sick of roast chicken, hunters chicken, chicken curry etc...

Because I’m shopping online it’s just easier to buy the same things each week rather than looking at new things in the shop.

I need new ideas, I’m don’t like mince 🤢 and not a fan of tomato based things, so no to slag bowl, lasagne, chilli etc.

What sort of thing are people cooking?

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DameXanaduBramble Fri 01-May-20 10:07:54

Last night we had crab filled pasta with Thermidor sauce, Burrata and tomato salad w balsamic and garlic bread. It was beyond delicious. Tonight fillet steak and fries w peppercorn sauce. We eat lots of Mediterranean veg with fish or meat. I made barbecue pork rack the other night with homemade Cajun wedges, easy and really good.

DameXanaduBramble Fri 01-May-20 10:08:38

Btw, all easy to make with little effort.

BlingLoving Fri 01-May-20 10:17:11

Well, if you are after sauce-free meals, I'd be suggesting things like grilled meat or fish with vegetables and potatoes. eg fry a steak, grill some chops, cook some salmon etc. We found this very easy and very quick.

You say you're bored if chicken s might not be keen on this but something we do and the kids love is chicken breasts cut through the middle so that they're thin, dipped in egg, flour and breadcrumbs the tare seasoned with lemon, salt, pepper and thyme and then fried. The kids think of them as "mum"s chicken nuggets".

We did stuffed butternut and peppers last night.

A favourite here is cherry (or any small) tomatoes, roasted with olive oil, garlic and a bit of balsamic vinegar and served on spaghetti with avocado and feta or goat's cheese. (not sure if you are okay with tomatoes in that format).

Stir fries? Not something I do a lot of but often popular.

Quesadilla? We don't do these often enough considering how popular they are around here, and how easy. We quite like refried beans with cheddar cheese. Or roasted butternut and chorizo. But you can do any mix you like.

Risotto goes down well here too, although I've started doing it with some added protein (usually in form of leftover chicken or quickly fried roast chicken) as I find otherwise we all eat too much! grin. Pea risotto is DS's favourite and DD likes butternut.

DameXanaduBramble Fri 01-May-20 10:23:44

Btw, google how to make flatbreads, flour and natural yogurt then dry fry, a game changer at dinner or lunchtime!

MentholChill Fri 01-May-20 11:11:29

Mac & Cheese
BBQ Pulled Pork in a Baked Potato
Mixed Veg Omelette
Halloumi/Feta Salad Wraps

BlingLoving Fri 01-May-20 11:17:15

Btw, google how to make flatbreads, flour and natural yogurt then dry fry, a game changer at dinner or lunchtime!

Oh yes - we do these for DS' lunch box during school term as he has an issue with sandwiches. Super helpful as a quick addition of fresh fluffy carbs.

Ricekrispie22 Fri 01-May-20 11:49:45

Homemade burgers - I do tuna and sweetcorn burgers, pork and apple, and beef. I’ve also done falafel burgers and found them surprisingly easy to make.
Frittata, omelette or cheese pancakes
Toad in the hole (when I’m in a rush, I use shop-bought batter mix) or bangers and mash
Risotto - I like the ones which are oven-baked, because you can just walk away and forget about it for a while!
Egg fried rice - I use this simple recipe

Lovemusic33 Fri 01-May-20 11:58:30

Love Mac and cheese (a little too much) 😁, dd2 will eat this too, it’s about the only thing in a sauce she will eat.

We like fish and often eat salmon, sometimes dd2 will eat fish pie so that’s something we could do.

Would love to make flat breads but can’t find flour anywhere sad.

I think I will go and adjust my tesco order for next week and maybe order some pork for pulled pork or pork ribs.

Dd1 is veggie so I don’t often buy big bits of meat as it’s only dd2 and I that will eat it. I do like stir fries too but find the stir fry packs of veg only last a day or so after buying them.

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FurryDogMother Fri 01-May-20 12:09:04

Things we've eaten recently include home made fish fingers, twice baked potatoes with chorizo, spring onions and cheese, stir fried chilli beef, Thai prawn curry and jasmine rice, pork belly strips slow roasted with new potatoes and onions, tarka dall, and sweet 'n sour cod and rice.

FawnDrench Fri 01-May-20 19:11:01

Pork stroganoff is lovely.
Pork fillets and Sausages are both versatile options for recipes
Prawn chowder
Ratatouille - don't have to include tomatoes
Lamb shanks

LJC1991 Fri 01-May-20 19:13:47

Check out pinch of nom - loads of good recipes on there!

EasterBuns Fri 01-May-20 19:30:28

I love a bowl of slag, not sure what it has to do with tomatoes.

SheldonSaysSo1 Fri 01-May-20 19:34:10

Risotto - Add any veg you like plus chicken/bacon if wanted
Gammon steaks, egg and chips
Sausage, mash and peas (Can use veggie sausages)
Jacket potatoes with various fillings and salad
Bakers omelette- Use either left over roast potato or sliced new potatoes in the bottom of a dish. Crack over 6 eggs with a dash of milk and seasoning. Add a variety of diced bacon, courgette, mushroom, spinach, peppers (already fried off) and top with cheese. Bake in the oven until set all the way through.

tentative3 Fri 01-May-20 21:07:53

Things in wraps? We often fry up leftover boiled potatoes with chorizo and then scramble some eggs into the pan and either eat as is or put in a wrap. Also do sweet potato and chorizo enchiladas. Could do roasted veg and halloumi, falafel and salad, breakfast wraps - mushrooms, eggs, bacon or sausage or veggie replacements.

Other favourites here are bacon, leek and cabbage all shredded and fried up together, add some white wine and cook off, then cream cheese and serve all mixed up in spaghetti - it's not overly saucy, especially if you omit the white wine.

We also do veggie kebabs on the bbq with corn cobs, maybe in pitta or over salad, sausage tray bake (could do halloumi), stuffed peppers, shop bought spanish omelette with salad and roasted tomatoes, pan fried gnocchi with pesto (would that scrape through the sauce requirements?) and you know what, it's perfectly fine to have egg and chips or something similarly easy!

crustycrab Fri 01-May-20 21:09:07

Love a good slag bowl grin

Helmlover1 Fri 01-May-20 23:45:10

Creamy salmon pasta
Tuna pasta bake
Roast dinner with pork or beef instead of chicken
Stir fry
Jacket potato’s with different toppings
Fish and chips

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