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Best hummous recipe

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lastqueenofscotland Wed 29-Apr-20 17:38:54

I am trying to replicate something along the lines of Sabras hummous extra/the hummous you get in Lebanese restaurants. As opposed to the thicker stuff in supermarkets.
I suspect the answer is more oil! Or is the secret in soaking your own chickpeas?

Does anyone have a recipe? Every time I make it it is just not quite right

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TinklyLittleLaugh Wed 29-Apr-20 18:01:15

After many years of trying I do: teaspoon cumin, teaspoon garlic paste, tin of chickpeas, good glut of olive oil, juice of half a lemon, salt to taste.

Sometimes I use sesame seeds but not keen on tahini. No chickpea water, no yoghurt (which people have suggested in the past).

I think, for me, the secret is shoving it in the magimix for a bit longer than you think, then a bit longer again in order to get the right texture.

Lalanbaba Wed 29-Apr-20 22:52:51

I use this one from ottolenghi
Admittedly I use canned chickpeas. Also as PP blitz them longer than you think

LakeFlyPie Thu 30-Apr-20 21:15:49

I've tried various recipes and the Ottolenghi one posted above is the best IMHO

FusionChefGeoff Fri 01-May-20 14:30:29

A tiny splash of water right at the end (and then with a further blitz) is supposed to help with consistency

Habibtihayati Fri 01-May-20 14:47:19

And most important of all... skin the chickpeas (either by hand if canned or by boiling with bicarbonate of soda if dry). This is what achieves that super smooth consistency compared to the grainy supermarket style.

ArabellaPilkington Tue 05-May-20 07:18:44

This is the best recipe ever - completely smooth and fabulous. Iced water and boiling tinned chickpeas w bicarb the way to go. Tip about marinading the raw garlic in lemon juice to get rid of harsh tang good too. Add more iced water for thinner consistency. I like mine with a drizzle of ex voo and a sprinkling of sumac.

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