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Cream cheese in a jar

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NachoFries Wed 29-Apr-20 12:03:31

I have cream cheese...not in a tub but in a jar, almost same consistency as mayo. Can I still make cheese cake with it? Or is it not fluffy enough? I’ve only used it in pasta and to make sandwiches and wraps to be honest.

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KittenVsBox Wed 29-Apr-20 12:08:37

Should be similar. You might need to change the amount of liquid if it is softer than the tubs.
The fluffiness is down to whipping.

Cheese came in tins in our old country. I never could bring myself to buy it!

DoubleDessertPlease Fri 01-May-20 13:11:39

Could you try experimenting with a smaller cheesecake e.g in a large ramekin? I tried this the other day with some left over ricotta and cream, was lovely! You could make a few and adjust the recipe between them.

av3nturin3 Tue 05-May-20 18:12:21

The taste of the cheesecake will be very different. A nearby cafe used to serve cheesecake made from jarred cream cheese (it’s so much cheaper than cream cheese in a tub) and I could always taste the difference straight away.

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