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Recipe for a sweet & sour sauce that I can feed to the whole family including 10mo ds?

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GreebosWhiskers Sun 16-Sep-07 17:19:08

This follows on from my pathetic thread the other week about jarred sauces (I made my own bolognese sauce & he loved itgrin). I really fancy letting him try a sweet & sour sauce now.

BecauseImWorthIt Sun 16-Sep-07 17:27:45

1. Fry onion, fresh ginger and garlic together till soft (not brown) and season with salt and pepper
2. Add thinly sliced carrot and chopped green pepper and cool together till softened slightly
3. Then add sliced raw chicken - 1 breast per person/less for your ds - and fry till slightly coloured
4. Add a tin of pineapple chunks, plus the juice and a tin of tomatoes and cook the lot for about 10-15 minutes over a gentle heat
5. Now for the sweet and sour bit - for this you will need to add sugar and vinegar. Start off by adding a couple of tablespoons of vinegar (malt is fine) and then taste it. It may be sweet enough because of the pineapple juice, but if not, add a teaspoon of sugar and taste again. It's just a matter of personal preference - you might want to add a bit more vinegar as well.

If you wish you can thicken the sauce with a bit of cornflour - in which case, put the cornflour (large teaspoon) in a cup and add a little bit of water, stir till all dissolved and then pour into the sauce and stir till it thickens

BecauseImWorthIt Sun 16-Sep-07 17:29:35

Whoops - at stage 2 cook together - sorry hard work typing with injured finger!

This is how I make it - it doesn't come from any specific recipe book, but my dcs seem to like it! You can also add a tin of water chestnuts or bamboo shoots

GreebosWhiskers Sun 16-Sep-07 20:11:05

That sounds gorgeous BecauseImWorthIt - will definitely try that!
Ta very much

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