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Dinner ideas that freeze well?

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littlefawn Tue 28-Apr-20 14:57:21

Just looking some tips/ideas of meals I can prep and freeze, maybe batch cook.
I usually do things like;

Chilli con carne
Sausage casserole

As I can make a big pot and portion it out into cartons and freeze it, I don't mind making the rice/pasta/potatoes on the day but looking ideas for busy evenings

PurpleDaisies Tue 28-Apr-20 15:00:45

Off the top of my head...
Bolognaise style pasta sauces
Mashed potato
Shepherds pie
I’m veggie so mine are all made with lentils/veg rather than meat.

PurpleDaisies Tue 28-Apr-20 15:03:28

Forgot, tagines are particularly good because cous cous is so easy to make fresh.

AdaColeman Tue 28-Apr-20 15:05:10

Chicken Supreme when defrosted could be served with rice or pasta or made into a pie with pastry or topped with sliced potatoes and baked.

Left over from a joint, sliced roast meat such as pork, frozen in gravy.

littlefawn Tue 28-Apr-20 15:42:20

I like cous cous but rarely have it so that would be a nice change and my DH makes a good tagine

littlefawn Tue 28-Apr-20 15:43:52

Great idea with the chicken supreme too, means I've got a bit more choice re pie/mash/rice

Bloodybridget Tue 28-Apr-20 16:00:54

Fish pie? You could make a few single portion ones, if you have fish refusers in your house.

karmakameleon Tue 28-Apr-20 16:09:30

Fishcakes and hand-pies/pasties are good as they only require steamed veg or salad to go with them.

AtleastitsnotMonday Tue 28-Apr-20 16:28:00

Any casserole freezes well
Pork tenderloin with shallots, apples and mushrooms, cooked in cider
Coq au vin
Beef bourguinon

gerbo Tue 28-Apr-20 16:31:11

Plain old soup? Freeze part-baked baguettes ti have alongside. If you add beans/lentils it's a complete meal....

Yesterdayforgotten Tue 28-Apr-20 16:40:58

Potato bake, fish pie

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