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Please tell me all about stir fries...

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dinny Sun 16-Sep-07 14:21:56

I want to start making them but don't really know what sauces/spices to ass - what stir fries well, which noodles are bext etc....

Please tell me ALL about how and what you stir fry! Thanks!

MaureenMLove Sun 16-Sep-07 14:29:21

We stir fry sliced chick breasts, sliced port & sliced beef. Any veg wroks, but obviously a carrot will take a lot longer to be cooked than a mushroom! We buy sitr fry sauces from supermarket, there's loads to choose from. Sometimes we use fresh noodles which we put in right at the end or sometimes use dried noodles, which we cook whilst the meat & veg are cooking.

littlelapin Sun 16-Sep-07 14:29:45

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

littlelapin Sun 16-Sep-07 14:30:04

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

MaureenMLove Sun 16-Sep-07 14:30:32

You can buy veg stir fry packs ready to throw straight in the pan too if you can't be arsed to stand a chop all the veg up!

MaureenMLove Sun 16-Sep-07 14:31:09

Interesting concept eh? grin Tis very good!

littlelapin Sun 16-Sep-07 14:31:47

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

dinny Sun 16-Sep-07 15:10:47

ha ha- mmmmm

do I need a wok? have massive frying pan (well, fairly big one)

MaureenMLove Sun 16-Sep-07 15:15:10

Big frying pan will do, I think. You can always invest in a wok, if you find you're going to eat a lot of stir fries.

dinny Sun 16-Sep-07 15:17:14

how would I make one with tofu or maybe seafood? I don't eat meat, though kids do.

MaureenMLove Sun 16-Sep-07 15:32:05

Don't know about tofu, I'm afraid, but prawns works well. Just throw all the ingredients into the pan and add the sauce once they're cooked. Try Bue Dragon sauces. It tells you on the packet, what meat or fish works well with it.

MaureenMLove Sun 16-Sep-07 15:33:58

Here we are! There's even a tofu one there too!

dinny Sun 16-Sep-07 15:50:39

thanks, Maureen - fab

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