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Things to do with half a jar of curry

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kateandme Tue 28-Apr-20 11:38:40

as a rice dish like a byriani
intoa dahl
in pasties
spread on a pizza or naan or puff pastry base for a pizza homemade

P1nkHeartLovesCake Tue 28-Apr-20 11:17:38

It’s good to spatchcock a chicken and cook that covered in the paste

Curry pasties are however a big hit in this house

Rivergreen Tue 28-Apr-20 11:15:21

Oh and it works fine with curry paste or sauce

Rivergreen Tue 28-Apr-20 11:14:47

Echo pp and use it for fish. Salmon is good, but also is any white fish really.

We spread it over the flesh and leave it to marinate for a while, at least 30 mins (ATM we do this at lunchtime and stick it in the fridge for later) and then fry or grill.

Balti paste is one of my favourites like this.

Kalifa Tue 28-Apr-20 11:09:52

Why not repeat the same curry a few days later?

OldEvilOwl Tue 28-Apr-20 11:08:10

Put it in the freezer for next time

Ricekrispie22 Tue 28-Apr-20 10:32:05

Inside Cornish pasties

overnightangel Mon 27-Apr-20 19:53:57

Down in one!!smile

youngdumbandbroke Mon 27-Apr-20 19:52:59

@ivfgottostaypositive it's balti

@FetchezLaVache that does sound good, hasn't considered doing a soup

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FetchezLaVache Mon 27-Apr-20 19:43:04

I quite like a tablespoon chucked into a pan of homemade soup between frying off the veg and adding the stock/water!

ivfgottostaypositive Mon 27-Apr-20 19:42:27

What kind of curry sauce is it? If it's a tikka paste one then I like to spread it on salmon and cook in pan - serve with naan bread and cucumber with natural yoghurt

youngdumbandbroke Mon 27-Apr-20 19:41:07

I cooked a curry tonight for me and DP but only used half the jar. I'm hoping someone would have some inspiration on what I should use the other half on. Is there any recipes that aren't curry that need curry?

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