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Have you been trying any more time consuming recipes?

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WhatPollyForgot Sun 26-Apr-20 15:18:56

I am loving having more time to cook, especially now most things are available again in the supermarket.

What have you been cooking that is different than usual? I have been making pizza, lovely spring stew, veggie burgers, katsu curry.

Looking for inspiration for the week ahead smile

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Wigeon Mon 27-Apr-20 07:31:58

I have made:

Cinnamon buns
Battenberg cake for the first time
A beef stew which you leave cooking for ages (then add dumplings at the end)
Ottolenghi recipes which sometimes take a while

And got a Bakewell tart planned for this week which is a bit of a faff given you’ve got to do the pastry.

MsRinky Mon 27-Apr-20 12:31:27

I'm making pretzels today, have done bagels and crumpets too.

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